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I was very pleased with the price of fish. Shipping was steep, but I received healthy, robust fish. With shipping figured in, a fish costs me about $34-40 ea. Given the quality and selection, it is the best deal I've come across on discus Yet.I will be purchasing more.....

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Rodrigo Rodrigo, your intentions are correct, but your analogy is off. Guppies drop fry once every 30 days at 80 degrees. Average drops are around 40-50 fish. If you're comparing show stock guppies to show stock discus, price is similar and culls are just as plentiful - even more so in my experience. Good female guppies have a short breeding life and males have an even shorter one. A good discus pair can lay eggs every 4-7 days with hatchouts exceeding 100. If you develop an artificial rearing procedure, you can produce enormous numbers of fry from a single pair in a very short time frame.

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Discus Fish for Sale online in the USA with the highest quality and cheapest price. All our discus for sale are of healthy and AAA grade fish. Steve did a great job selecting an array of 6 different contrasting awesome colors of his most popular Discus fish. The special 6 pack price was a great value. The value added information sharing from Steve has helped me in selecting their food and feeding. A great job...

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This site provides great info on rearing discus fish.

The discus fish is a superb fish to tend to because of its mild nature, great rearing capability, and hardiness in an aquarium.

Some of the well-known varieties of discus fish include: red, green and blue discus, white and blue diamond discus.

This post is designed for people who have never looked after discus fish, but yet would love to discover exactly what it takes to keep this particular types of fish in a healthy condition in captivity.

The very first thing you must keep in mind is this : discus fish favor peaceful surroundings generally. You may provide them with constant serenity by just placing their fish tank within a quiet area in your household for example, your bedroom. Discus fish also require stones and plants so they can conceal themselves whenever they feel not secure. One other thing: don't put hyper active fish species in a fish tank containing discus fish!

Much like most other ornamental fish species, discus fish will definitely function much better when you've got a normal night and day cycle for these fish. The cycle may possibly coincide along with your rising and also resting times. A night time cycle can be established by way of turning off the aquarium's lights.

Try to make partial water changes once a week to keep the tank water fresh and clean. Remove a third of the tank water. Plain tap water need to wait for a minimum of twenty-four hours before being added to fish tank water if you don't utilize chlorine removal treatment options.

When you find yourself cleaning the pebbles on top of the gravel filter, do not thoroughly clean the surface excessively. Remember the pebbles is home to very good micro organisms. Vacuuming the pebbles also removes the bacteria from the natural habitat.

Make use of a back up source of power ready. A fish tank can become contaminated to fish species after an hour of not being purified.

Discus are from rivers in the Amazon Basin that are normally hard, and a little alkaline. Aquatic peat is recommended in the cycling process for discus fish.

The minimal fish tank size for discus fish is usually two feet. Whenever you can select the larger sized fish tank. A lot more water is usually healthier for your fish.

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