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The Fine Print:
The Annual Pass is good for one year from the date of purchase for the names listed on the pass. Names and ages of children must be given at time purchase. If a child is age three (3) at the time of purchase of an Adult pass, the child will continue to receive free entry after turning age four (4) until the renewal date. One card per family or household; lost or extra cards are an additional $5.00 each. The aquarium may close early for private rentals, these dates and times will be listed on the Events Calendar of Shark Reef's website. Events both exclusive and public maybe an additional up-charge. Gift Shop discount is for regular priced items only and does not include sale items. No refunds, exchanges or transfers. Shark Reef and Mandalay Bay reserves the right to change or substitute this program and/or benefits.

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In the freshwater world you hear people talking about African Cichlid and New World Cichlid tanks, brackish tanks, planted tanks, predator tanks, etc. Well, the saltwater side of the hobby has some different types of tank setups as well. There are the Fish-Only tanks, FOWLR tanks (Fish Only with Live Rock) and Reef Tanks. These three saltwater aquarium types progress in startup and maintenance costs. Fish-Only tanks can be considered on the low end for startup costs while FOWLR tanks are moderatly priced and reef tanks could be considered high priced. Refugiums for saltwater aquariums are gaining steam these days as many hobbyists realize the important benefits these refugiums can provide.

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Before you purchase a fish tank, consider size, maintenance and the price of owning an aquarium. When you at the Old Monterey Inn, one of the most luxurious Bed and Breakfasts on the Monterey Peninsula, you are eligible to purchase our Monterey Bay Aquarium discount VIP Tickets. Enjoy two days admittance for the price of one! These great tickets provide you with two consecutive day’s admission and access to the aquarium via the priority VIP Entrance. This means you can avoid the long lines! No Waiting!

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The basic $5 admission to the central aquarium that had been available to Chicagoans goes up to $19.95, but, again, with the whole of the aquarium now included in the package. That’s a change from the current, three-tier pricing that tops out at $36.95 to see it all. (The new price will be $14.95 for Chicago kids ages 3-11.)

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A basic aquarium requires at least the tank, stand, hood, and .. Very few fish can thrive in a tank that does not at least have a good and heater. Of course, most aquariums look much nicer with rocks and .. A complete aquarium set up requires all of these different pieces of equipment, and when they are all added together, the cost can be exorbitant. For some of the items, such as test kits, ,, filter refills, light bulbs and even some of the necessary filtering equipment, there is little opportunity for saving money because these items are often very specific. For other items, however, there are easy ways to keep the prices down.In order to avoid purchasing mismatched items, it may be wise to go ahead and buy all of the items when they are on the same sale. Doing this may mean having to spend more money all at once, but the advantage is that the components of the aquarium all match, and the aquarium is ready for enjoyment much more quickly. Even if only a few of the most expensive items are found on sale, this can still reduce the overall cost of the aquarium and is better than paying full price for everything.