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That being said, we’ve all had goldfish in a little bowl that we won at a school fair (for me at St. Joe’s in Sea Isle City, NJ throwing ping pong balls into fish bowls) that lived for years. Let’s face it, if you’re a goldfish, your expectations for life are probably pretty low. Bottom line is, when I go into pet stores and I see all the little betta fish in those leetle tiny bowls it hurts my heart – it really does. I want to buy them all a big old tank of their own. Move them on up, to the East Side, to a deluxe fish bowl in the sky-eye-eye…

Betta fish (we have 2 at our house) in pretty bowls as centerpieces on ..

Once I started planning the details of this project, my mind started to wander… “What if I actually used the fish bowls for FISH instead of plants? Can you hang fish from a ceiling? Would they be scared they were going to plummet to their death? Or would they appreciate their stylish digs?” You should hear the conversations going on in my head sometimes…

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Sep 2, 2014 - They would have large ceramic bowls with pretty fish patterns inside and out I think your previous attempt at fish keeping was unsuccessful because the bioload was way too high for the space you had. I’m not going to say “Eviiilllll bowls are animal cruellllltyyyy!!!” but three fish is definitely too many for that small bowl, especially considering that you don’t have anything to filter the water with.

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Liz! You are so talented!! I LOVE this idea! So creative and beautiful! It may not be the place to say this but I appreciate your kindness and positivity on the responses on some of the other comments. People have been using fish bowls for decades and I love how you displayed those beautiful fish! I think they will get even more interaction and attention in your home because they’re displayed this way versus a fish bowl sitting on a shelf. It’s so inviting to walk up and see them! My kids LOVE beta fish and I already made the macramé planters so I may have to get some pretty, colorful fishies! LOVE what you did, LOVE your blog, LOVE your attitude! xoxoxo

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Fish bowls can be pretty boring places sometimes, which is exactly why we have collected some of the and badass ones that the internet has to offer, and have posted them on this page. For many people, decorating the inside of their fish tank is the main priority, and they often overlook the potential of making it look cool from the outside. By choosing the best looking fish bowls, made with the most creative and unique designs, you can turn it into a real centrepiece that people will appreciate. Of course, we are only choosing bowls that are safe, and we aren’t prioritising style over safety. So, without further ado, here is our definitive guide to the most badass fish bowls currently available!The Fish Bowl might have started as a parody, but it has now unironically adopted all the things people enjoy about the other shows — pretty animals, a winking semi-sports format, puns galore, and joking announcers. My guess is that at first, the humor of the early Fish Bowls was enough to justify the low production costs of focusing a camera on a fish and broadcasting it on a day few people were going to watch National Geographic Wild anyway. But the runaway success of the Puppy and Kitten Bowls forced them to consider actually producing a show that has entertainment value.