into a saltwater aquarium for a mantis shrimp

This freshwater shrimp is often used as fodder for large aquarium fish. They have recently become more popular as a pet because they are easy to care for and breed. Many fish-keepers find their transparent appearance quite unique and appealing. Providing there are no predatory fish in the tank, these invertebrates will survive and thrive.

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The second species, Butis butis, is commonly called the Duckbill Sleeper or Crazyfish. This latter name comes from its habit of swimming sideways and upside down. It’s an Indo-West Pacific fish that grows to about 6 inches, is highly predatory, has a very large mouth, and can tolerate varying levels of salinity from freshwater through to fully marine conditions. Under aquarium conditions it does best in hard, slightly brackish water, around SG 1.005.

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Save Big On Predatory Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Up To 50% At MammothShopper! We’ve put together a list of what we consider the top 10 freshwater predator fish, that are suited for aquariums. There are some fish that are certainly bigger or scarier predators but they simply get too large to be really suited for aquarium life. You can check out our list of . You’ll see many large predators listed on that page.

So, what predatory fish could I stock my tank with

If you are interested in a particular tropical aquarium fish species, we recommend our species database. The species database is also updated regularly and the species database currently contains 350+ freshwater tropical fish profiles. Commonly kept fresh water tropical aquarium fish species, such as Angelfish, Goldfish, Bristlenosed Catfish, Betta fish and various American Cichlids and African Cichlids are naturally included, but less frequently kept tropical fish species e.g. the Arowana and other large predatory fish species can also be found in our database of fresh water tropical fish. If you are looking for breeding information for a certain species of freshwater tropical aquarium fish we suggest that you take a look among the species profiles as well as the fish breeding section in our aquarium articles library since the majority of the species profiles contain breeding information.

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