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The Pond Digger Brand Growth Formula Premium Koi & Goldfish Food is manufactured and milled right here in the United States. So, quality control on ingredients is closely monitored unlike leading brands of fish food milled out of country.

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Re: Shrimp/eating pattern 6/30/07Again, again and again, Neale... thank you so very much. Your words arevery comforting... like a good dish of homemade pasta!!! My pond goldfish... winter maint. 10/31/05 I amnew to this (just built concrete pond this summer). Do they need anyfood or plants when temperature is in 40s at night?

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Do you feed your goldfish in your pond? If so, what type of goldfish pond food do you feed your fish? As noted at the beginning of this article, koi and goldfish can make use of a wide variety of food sources. In fact, their physiology has adapted for this very purpose. Koi and goldfish mouths have the ability to extend forward like a vacuum cleaner nozzle for scavenging pond and river bottoms for food. Koi have special “barbel” sensory organs at the corners of their mouths that enable them to discriminate among food types as they poke around a pond bottom.

Can Koi and other types of pond goldfish eat the same food?

Some folks make their own koi food from a variety of food stuffs and table scraps. Recipes can frequently be found in KOI USA and The Goldfish Report. If you have a small collection of pond fish, this may be a fun and interesting area to explore.

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The nutritional requirements of both fish are very close. The answer is yes. In fact just about every brand of goldfish food says it is ok for Koi and pond fish (other types of carp). So if you are feeding Shubunkins, Comets or Fantails, pond food or Koi food is fine to feed. You want a protein level around 30%, carbs about 65% and fiber about 5%. These percentages will vary depending on season (water temperature). As water temperatures drop so does fish activity. You should decrease protein and fiber levels. During these colder times, wheat germ foods are an excellent choice for an easily digested fat source.Goldfish are excellent scavengers and, if you have sufficient plant growth in the pond, they will get a large percentage of their daily nutrition from algae and green matter. Provide a high-quality goldfish food once or twice a day.Goldfish and koi have compatible feeding requirements and often thrive when housed together in outdoor ponds. Still, some important factors come into play that affect when and how to feed them, as well as the type of food you choose to use in your pond.Keep in mind the temperature and season when feeding your fish. Both goldfish and koi have trouble digesting food in cold water, so always gradually reduce the amount of food, then eliminate feedings when the weather dips below 47 degrees. The fish will live off of the algae in the pond until their metabolisms completely shut down for hibernation mode in the winter months.