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While the common pleco can grow to the size of a river monster in a tropical aquarium, bristlenose plecos stay quite a bit smaller, and usually top out at around 6 inches. Because of this, they are a far better choice than the common pleco if you are looking for an algae eating fish.

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Most fish aquariums are “tropical setups” in the water temperatures of 72-84 F range. Plecos will do just fine I’m that and even lower temps. Even down in the mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A pretty adaptable fish when it comes to water temps really. Maybe that’s why they are multiplying in huge numbers down south haha!

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Plecos are very hardy fish, but are are subject to the same diseases as other tropical fish. Disease is not usually a problem in a well maintained aquarium and these catfish are very resilient. One of the most common freshwater fish ailments is ich.All medications should be used with caution. Because they are a scaleless fish, catfish can be treated with pimafix or melafix but should not be treated with potassium permanganate or copper based medications. Malachite green or formalin can be used at one half to one fourth the recommended dosage. Take care when treating disease as catfish are extremely sensitive to medications.The best way to proactively prevent disease is to give your fish the proper environment and give them a well balanced diet. The closer to their natural habitat the less stress the fish will have, making them healthier and happy. A stressed fish will is more likely to acquire disease. For information about fish diseases and illnesses, see .

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Plecos are freshwater species that live in tropical waters in Central and South America, and they can therefore be successfully kept in tropical freshwater aquariums. Two of the most commonly kept Pleco species are Suckermouth Catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) and Bristlenose Catfish (Ancistrus dolichopterus). If you purchase a “Common Pleco” from your fish store it can be one of several Pleco species that are sold under that name. It can be Suckermouth Catfish or Bristlenose Catfish, but it can also be species such as the Sailfin Catfish (Liposarcus multiradiatus) or the Liposarcus pardalis.And just so you know, plecos and goldfish aren’t compatible. Goldfish are a coldwater fish, and plecos are a tropical fish, so they have greatly differing temperature requirements. And plecos are also known to suck the slime coat off goldfish, so in the future you should try and get them separate tanks.