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Platys are very easy to care for, and are great beginner fish. Platy’s prefer water temperature at 76-79F ( 24.4-26.1C). Platy’s are very hardy, and can adapt to many types of water. PH can rage from acidic (6.5) to basic (8.2). Platy’s have even been reported to live in brackish water (lightly salted water) and experience no negative effects of it.

Flake, frozen, freeze dried, and live food is all accepted by the Platy, and all should be fed to them on a rotating basis. Although flake can be their staple diet, it will keep them more healthy to feed varying food, and help them show better colors. Fry (baby fish) will also be consumed by the Platy and company.

Jun 5, 2017 - Platy are a prolific fish, so if you have both males and females, there is a strong possibility you will end up with babies (also known as fry). Platy fry are born more or less fully developed - they hatch from eggs inside their mothers' bodies - so they aren't difficult to care for.

KristenL! a good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per one inch of fish. so with only a 1.77 gallon tank, you can only really buy one fish, POSSIBLY two. but you’re not even supposed to go by the size when you get them, you’re supposed to go by their max adult size. whoever gave you the advice to get that tank for 6-8 fish is so WRONG!!! i have a 30 gallon and a 55 and i only have 6 in my 30 gallon and 15 in my 55. they will NOT be healthy if overcrowded.
now, my ? is, i just had 1 baby mickey mouse platy. what do i do? how do i make sure he’s ok? he’s in the 30 gallon with 2 danios, a cory cat, a swordtail, the mama mm platy and lots of snails. should i buy a smaller tank and separate him? thanks for any advice/suggestions..

What are the signs that a female platy fish is about to give birth?

For the first time my Platy fish give birth to 25 fry but the 6 died. :'( Adding baby platy to tank 12/2/07 I have a 10gallon tank in my classroom with one male and one female red wag platy.I thought I had all females when I bought them from the fish storebecause the sales clerk told me they only had females, but evidentlyshe was wrong. After looking at pictures on the internet later, Irealized the smaller one was most likely a male. Anyway, while doing awater change a couple months ago, I found one fry. The fry stayed in abreeder net (box-shaped) within the 10 gallon tank for awhile but thenI set up an Eclipse 3 gallon aquarium for him/her so he'd have moreroom. Now he's almost 2 cm long now. I want to put him/her in my 10gallon tank with the other 2 platys now so I can keep the 3 gallon tankfor any new fry I may find.? Will the other two platys pick on him/hersince he would be the stranger in their territory??? Is there someparticular way I should add him to the tank so he would not be pickedon by the grown platys?? Thanks! Carolyn

How to Take Care of Baby Platy Fish: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Baby Platies 11/5/07 Hello, My platy had about 30babies a couple weeks ago. I have them all in a breeding net and feedthem crushed up food, which they seem to be all be eating. They wereall doing well and none of them were lost (except one that got eatenbefore I put them in a breeding net) but recently in just two days fiveof them died, my adult fish are fine. I am very worried that I am doingsomething wrong, but within the last two days none have died at all. Iam getting my water tested as soon as possible. My other question isthat I have just found a fry that has a crooked tail. It eats and isactive but it swims a little bit differently. It kind of swims with itswhole bottom half of its body, not just its tail. But it is just asfast as the rest and doesn't seem to be picked on at all (ifanything the other way around). Thank you so much, Megan

How Long Is the Platy Birthing Process