Grace, platinum blue marble angelfish

The two original albino angelfishes I crossed with the platinum were descendants of my dad’s angelfishes. According to my sister Gaylene, my dad was already selective breeding for the wide fins. Although the albinos I used did not have wide fins, they must have carried the genes for that trait. It is not a fixed trait yet, and it is likely a quantitative trait, which will require more selective breeding to get more angelfishes exhibiting the trait.

in the Platinum angelfish and if the mutation is coding for structural colour.

These new types have caused quite a stir in the hobby, as they display traits heretofore not seen in angelfish and are truly gorgeous. A particularly popular strain is the pearlscale platinum, whose iridescent body looks positively metallic.

Minimum Order of 2 Platinum Angelfish is required.

smokey angelfish | Dark Platinum Blue Smokey Pearl Veil - The World Angelfish Forum This are my Newly arrived Platinum BLUE Angelfish,just got them this morning from my Seller Ste12000 on ebay..this angels are very Rare Blue.06-09-2011

Platinum Angelfish (Breeding Pair)pH: 6-7.5

I have finally gotten my act together and have gotten some new stuff for my tanks! Here is an update on the 20 Gallon Platinum Angelfish tank.
New plants:
Dwarf Sag
Crypt Spiralus
Crypt Wentii Red

I am still unhappy that these Angelfish haven't breed for me yet.

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Platinum Angelfish (Breeding Pair)pH: 6-7.5

This is a video of young adult Platinum Angelfish that were bred and raised in our tropical fish hatchery. The beautiful Platinum Angelfish is still very rare in the USA. The Platinum Angelfish have a silverish-white solid color on their body, with light blue highlights on their fins. Because of their silver/white glossy color, these angelfish are very hard to accurately photograph or film. The Platinum Angelfish breed true. Near the end of the video, you will see a group spawning while some of the angelfish eat the eggs. This video was taken at Gwynnbrook Farm on March 21st, 2007. All the platinum angelfish have been sold.Pick Any 6 Angel fish 1) Smokey angelfish, Pic 2)Platinum Angelfish, Pic 3) Platinum Pearl Scale, Pic 4) Blue Pearl Scale, Pic 5) Blue Silvers (pic show an adult), pic 6) Blue Blushers, Pic 7) Panda koi, Pic 8) Blue Ghost All are about Dime to quarter size. Pictures are examples of my stocks that I have available. Because the photos are just an example of my stock, the colors and patterns on the fishes may slightly vary. I have been raising and breeding quality fishes for over 15+ years…I have had my Platinum Angel for 3 weeks now and what a pretty fish. I am starting to see the blue coming on the dorsal fin. Just like the other 4 angels in my tank as soon as they see me they think it is time to eat. This fish came in very healthy and was eating the same day. Great looking fish.Platinum Koi angelfish are homozygous for both Blue and Stripeless. These have one dose of Gold Marble. A few or ours are developing some orange, but most are this beautiful canary yellow when they color up.