New Latin Platypoecilus, former genus name of the fish

I think the platy is great fish. I am a breeder. I do very well with them. Each has their own unique markings that help you to tell which is which. So I know how and which one to treat differently. Some are shy and some are playful. All mixed together they look great. Playing and hiding and doing all kinds of fun things. They always do something different. From: Raven

Sexing platy fish. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Too many males and they will fight.

Answer: Platys are a very easy fish to keep and breed successfully. By keeping the temperature between 74 and 82°F (23 - 28°C) and keeping the other water parameters stable you will see young fry very quickly.

Xiphophorus maculatus,(Gunther) Southern Platyfish

Hardy and colorful, the livebearing platy is a classic beginner's fish. We sequenced the whole genome of a single platyfish female (XX, 2 = 46 chromosomes, Jp163A strain; ) from generation 104 of continuous brother-sister matings. Total sequence coverage of 19.6-fold () produced an assembly with N50 contig and supercontig lengths of 22 kb and 1.1 Mb, respecively (). Assembly errors, mostly single-nucleotide insertions or deletions, were corrected with Illumina paired-end reads. A total of 669 Mb of the estimated genome length of 750–950 Mb was assembled in contigs. Gene predictions identified 20,366 coding genes, 348 noncoding genes and 28 pseudogenes ().

Platyfish come in a variety of colors.

(a) Female (top) and male (bottom) platyfish, of strain Jp163A with black pigment spots on the dorsal fin that develop when the activity of an X-chromosomal oncogene is appropriately controlled. In hybrid genotypes, this control is compromised, and malignant melanoma develops from the spots. (b) Phylogenetic position of the platyfish relative to other fish species.

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The Platy adds brilliant color to the aquarium and they are very easy to keep. These features make it a great fish for beginners and accomplished aquarists alike. The Platy requires an aquarium of at least 10 gallons that is densely planted with hardy plants like Java Fern and Java Moss. The Platy is a very peaceful fish and makes an excellent addition to the freshwater community aquarium. Any other peaceful fish can be housed with themI ordered 5 platy's which arrived on time and in great shape. I received a nice assortment of fish 2 blue, 2 orange, and 1 yellow. They are easy to care for and they're also very active. They love swimming in the water return from the filter and chasing each other around the tank. At least one was pregnant because I found 2 babies in my tank 4 or 5 days after I put them in. Overall I'm happy with them and the customer service from LiveAquaria.We have several platies and they're pretty good fish. They are energetic and fast swimmers. They're peaceful and more for a little color in the tank.As with any livebearing fish, it is best to have at least 2-3 females per each male becausemale livebearers often harass the females. Plants are also good so that the females have plentyof hiding spaces.