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@Anne, I would advise against using metal in a fish tank. The rust will mess with your water chemistry and if the fish eat any of the rust flakes it might not be too good for them. Once the stand starts to rust it will continue to erode away. A plastic stand that is not painted would be a better option in my opinion. I'd love to see a picture of the finished product! It sound like a really neat idea. Best of luck!

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Adding decorations to your aquarium can be almost as much fun as putting the fish in the tank for the first time. Adding plants to your aquarium can be a very cost effective way to spruce things up a bit. Plastic plants are inexpensive, and require very little maintenance or care once they are placed in the aquarium.

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Jardin Plastic Aquarium Fish Tank Lifelike Underwater Plant Aquatic Water Grass Plastic plants are easy to remove and clean when they get mucked up, and replacing them is simple. You can also rearrange your tank any time you wish. In fact, rearranging decor in a tank is one way some fish keepers keep in check. Territorial behaviors can be minimized when the territory is changing all the time.

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@Mike Well, for starters legos are not made to go in fish tanks. It is possible that chemicals could leach out into the water and affect the water chemistry. Worst case scenario it could kill the fish. However, I am not so sure how dangerous legos are for fish. When I worked at the aquarium we would use all kinds of plastic 'toys' in the tanks. Dog kong toys were used to hold lettuce for fish to browse on. Lots of different kinds of children's toys and dog toys were used as enrichment for the octopus and other fishes. But, these items did not stay in the tanks for long term. We're talking maybe couple of hours at the most and never for days on end. Those toys were also clean with hot water and dish soap and then bleached and allowed to air dry for the chlorine to off-gas. I would imagine the legos would float in the fish tank, and would therefore not be suitable for use as fishtanks decor. To be safe, I would stick with something that has been made for use in a fish tank. Hope this helps!

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An aquarium without plants looks incomplete. Besides making your fishtank appear more natural, plants provide hiding spots for your fish. When you’re setting up your aquarium, you’ll have to make the choice between fresh and plastic plants. Keeping the fish alive is one thing; keeping the plants alive is a whole different story. If it is your first time ever having fish, choose plastic plants. Real plants can be complicated to keep, because they require a special feeding and care regimen and your new tank can quickly become overwhelming.When choosing fresh plants, there is a wide range available, but you will have to keep the tank in mind when choosing suitable plants. Like fish, many plants require a certain water temperature or pH. You’ll want to choose plants that are compatible with the fish in your aquarium. There is no such consideration when purchasing plastic plants.