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Aquarium decorations should be cleaned regularly, along with the fish tank and filter equipment. If you clean the tank, but not the decorations, there will still be algae residue clinging to the plastic plants, castles, pirate ships, and other items in your fish tank. And if there is one thing that is hard to eliminate and remove, it is the brownish and greenish stains caused by algae infestation in your aquarium. Here are some ways to clean your plastic accessories.

These aquarium plastic plant offers a virtual sea world for your fish tank.

Plastic aquarium plants do not change the water quality in your tank. They don’t release oxygen or carbon monoxide, so you don’t have to worry about having to monitor water conditions more closely as with live plants. Live plants tend to serve as a breeding ground for algae to grow, causing you to have to work much harder to keep your tank clean and safe for your fish. Live plants also can cause imbalances in the water because they suck oxygen out of the water during nights and away from the fish.

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Made of plastic material, simulated plants grass can enhance more beautiful look for your fish tank or aquarium. Silk: Like plastic aquarium plants, silk plants provide a relatively no-hassle decoration for your tank and can make your betta feel more at home. Although silk plants do not produce oxygen like natural plants, the leaves are softer than plastic plants. Because silk plants have no hard edges and are more lifelike in their movement, they are less likely than plastic plants to catch or snag your.

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Plastic: Plastic plants offer many benefits. While they do not produce oxygen for the water like natural plants do, there is no and they require minimal care. With such a large variety of types and colors, plastic plants can really beautify your aquarium. If you decide to use plastic plants for your Betta's tank, make sure that you clean them every time you change the water.

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Probably the most common aquarium use for plastic mesh, tank dividers save people the trouble of purchasing another aquarium if one can utilize the space in the existing tank. Male bettas are a prime example of fish that can’t get along with its own species. The tank divider will ensure the two fish won’t be able to fight.Building your own tank is a worthwhile, cost saving, and interesting activity. It requires only some essential tools and a good sheet of glass or plastic; the other things are up to you and your imagination. What kind of aquarium are you going to design?Cover tips: For this one, I would use clear plastic mesh, unless you want very dim aquarium lighting. Even with clear mesh, lighting may still be dimmed to a degree (depending on how close the light is), so if this will cause an issue, you might incorporate plexiglass to areas that need more lighting. Some of my tanks just have plexiglass as a top (to prevent immense evaporation and retain heat).
When you begin your search for a tank, you will notice there are a lot of options in which to choose. The first option we need to look at is the material type in which the home aquarium is made. There are three materials used in manufacturing home aquariums. Hobbyists have the opportunity to choose between glass, acrylic, or plastic aquariums.