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Aquarium plastic plants today are nothing like what they once were. They can look so real, that you have to actually touch them to tell that they are plastic. These plants are made more realistic by the fact that many are made of silk, which allows them to move freely within the water.

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If you find that some of the drawbacks of live plants are a little too much for you, there is nothing wrong with choosing artificial decor for your aquarium. Fake plants are most often made of plastic, and some can look almost real. If you put your mind to it, an aquascaped tank with artificial decorations can look just as good as a tank with real plants.

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Petco Green Hairgrass Midground Plastic Aquarium Plant There are many aspects to consider when choosing fake or live plants for your aquarium. Here are five reasons why aquarium plastic plants are better than live ones:

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This series documents how a new aquarium owner successfully converted her tank from plastic to live plants. Every step of her journey is described in her own words, along with lots of photos, and tips and advice from your Guide, and Don Matakis, an expert plant grower.

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Smart 'ible! :D One thing to be cautious of however, when picking out the plastic plants, is sometimes they contain a wire inside (to help bend the plant in any direction you wish.) You don't want to put the wired ones in your aquarium, they'll rust and make a mess. Sometimes you can pull the wire out, often you can't. It's easy to tell which ones have wires inside though, just bend them and if it stays bent, it's got a wire!There are two types of plants for an aquarium: live plants and artificial plants (which can be made of plastic, silk, or other textiles). They all have their pros and cons and depending on your available time, dedication, and kept, determining which is best for you can be quite difficult.Try This! Aquarium Decor GTidea Fish Tank Decorations Artificial Aqua Ornament Coral Grass Plastic Plant with Imitation Ceramics Base Home Saltwater Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Decorations GreenLife with artificial aquarium plants is free and easy. But as you probably realize by now there are some drawbacks as well. The first has to do with appearance. Many plastic plants look terrible, and some even come in colors that don’t really exist in nature. The bottoms are lightweight plastic, designed to grab into the gravel, but this rarely works. Instead, they often float to the top, causing a whole lot of aggravation.