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There are a lot of fish tank cleaners at your local pet store that can remove algae not only on the walls of your aquarium, but also on your plastic plants and ornaments. There are even algae scrubs and pads that will make it easier for you to remove those greenish and brownish traces on your decorations, thought these items can be a bit more expensive.

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Common plastic kiddie pools can be an alternative to plastic ponds, and may provide an indoor safe haven for summertime pond dwellers in colder climates. Hard plastic kiddie pools are typically fashioned from category 2 and category 4 plastics, two of the plastics commonly found in aquarium products. A similar technique to that of pond preparation should be used, and pools should be cleaned thoroughly and be chemical free. Garden hoses should not be used to fill ponds or pools that will house fish, as garden hoses typically contain toxins, which may leach into the water supply and harm your fish.

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New Blue Aquarium Plastic Coral Soft Flower Fish Tank Ornament Plant Decoration #Unbranded Sometimes you don't want to sterilize aquarium plants. In aquariums, beneficial bacteria eat fish waste, controlling ammonia and nitrite levels. So if your plastic plants came from from a tank with healthy fish, you shouldn't sterilize the plants. Adding "dirty" plants can actually improve the health of your aquarium. Since boiling or bleaching can damage or fade plastic plants, you may want to just buy new plants. Unless you don't know where your plants came from or you've had an outbreak of disease, you're better off just using plastic plants without sterilizing them.

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If not cleaned properly first, live plants placed in aquariums may introduce parasites or , killing off your fish. Plastic plants are the only plants that may be used in hospitals or quarantined areas.

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The gentle movement of fish in any enclosure provides soothing relief from daily stresses, and with proper care, fish can live a healthy life. The standard aquarium is no longer the only option when housing fish. Plastic aquariums, ponds and even a child's pool constructed from nontoxic product, when used properly, may provide a fine habitat for your finned friends.If you want the beauty and serenity of an aquarium without all the work and expense of caring for live fish, then consider a fake fish aquarium. These plastic floating fish have moveable caudal fins and built-in weights, and "swim" around almost like real fish, without the hassle of treated water, electric heaters, thermometers, algae, feeding, feces, and diseases. Water must be moving (via airstone aeration, filtration) so that the fish can float around in the tank.