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And to the guy who said his plastic plant killed his pleco, you have to buy plants made specifically for aquaria. Not for terrariums or other uses. IF the plant was the cause of the fish death, it was not made for aquariums. Even still, everything should always be washed before it goes in a tank. The surface of *anything* can become inadvertently contaminated.

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The Otocinclus catfish is one of the best and favorite algae eaters in the hobby. It does a really great job at keeping your aquarium glass, décor, and plants free of algae. The ‘Oto’ catfish is one of the smallest catfish in the Loricariidae family. These little lawn mowers have a fierce appetite and will require an algae supplement in the form of a flake or wafer if there is not enough algae present in the aquarium.

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Popular Fish For The Planted Aquarium - Algae-Eaters Shoaling Fish And More - YouTube We also really like the fact that it’s all natural gravel that provides for a great base for plants to grow their roots in. This stuff can be used for planted aquariums, normal fish tanks, and terrariums too.

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This can be done by having a densely planted aquarium. Plants uptake nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous in their diet. Fish excrement is composed of all these elements. This is a great way to make a mini-ecosystem that literally recycles micro elements within the aquarium, requiring less maintenance and adjustment. A tank with both a school of fish and a many plants will require less fertilizers due to the fish providing some fertilizer to the plants.

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An aquarium with water so dark most plants cannot thrive and fish are practically invisible may sound senseless to some, but there can be many reasons to invest in this type of tank.Finding the best fish to compliment a planted aquascape can be challenging. Listed below are 10 of the best choices used time and time again by professionals in the industry. This article breaks down which species are the best and why. Common questions often overheard from hobbyists include: Which size fish is best suited for an aquascape? Are all species of fish compatible with planted aquariums? Are all fish compatible with CO2 setups?. Generally smaller fish such as the Ember Tetra listed below tend to give the illusion of a deeper and larger aquarium and are an excellent choice for the modern day hobbyist. Larger, herbivorous fish, such as silver dollars, Pacu, Silver Sharks & Oscars should be avoided in planted aquaqscapes along with fish that are sensitive to pH swings that can result from CO2 injection.