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A quick side-note about requirements for plants: In addition to the macronutrients and micronutrients, plants also need CO2 and light in order to grow. In fact, CO2 and light are MORE important than any of the nutrients. Plants that do not receive enough light will just turn brown and die. No amount of fertilizer will help in that situation. But most beginners who add live plants to their tanks will attempt to improve the plant growth by adding some fertilizers, since it's much easier to add some liquid from a bottle than it is to add more lighting to an aquarium. Don't repeat this mistake. The only thing you will grow is more algae!

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The respective nutrients are unique to the setup and environment not just the water source. Your comments might be more targeted towards a home water garden. The fish in the aquarium certainly provide a good number of nutrients. On the other hand, additions like chlorine will cause quite a number of fatalities in fish and the bacteria cultures. CO2, light, and substrate is the focus, because without those plants cannot utilize nutrients. Most commercial fertilizers will cover the basic needs.

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Planted Aquarium Fertilizers - $7 - $34 total and I need it now, so they win! There are different ways of fertilizing your aquarium depending on the type of water, the type of plants, and what nutrients are needed.

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Many nutrients are already present in fresh water aquarium substrate. Macro nutrients that are usually present include oxygen, hydrogen, calcium and nitrogen. In a normal well-maintained aquatic environment, only some nutrients must be provided regularly.
Nutrients that generally need to be provided for planted aquariums are; magnesium, sulphur, potassium, carbon, and phosphorus. These micro nutrients are usually provided through liquid fertilizers and also in tap water that is used in changing the water.

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Now, what about plant nutrition? Well, we achieve that by adding aquarium plant fertilizer. Plants consume food, just like all living things, including their agricultural cousins. Farmers feed their crops fertilizer, and that’s how they get large yields from their fields. Fortunately for you, specialty fertilizers are also available for the planted aquarium. (By strange coincidence, we manufacture Yamato Green aquarium plant fertilizer, but more on that later.) That’s where we come in. We manufacture Yamato Green Aquarium Plant Fertilizer, and we happen to feel that it is the very best fertilizer in the world. It contains all the nutrients your plants need, in the correct proportions to meet the plant’s needs. Many fertilizers seem to just dump in a few ingredients and call it a day. But Yamato Green fertilizers are a very complete formula, containing all the nutrients required by your plants, in exactly the correct proportions to meet the needs and demands of your aquarium plants.