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also do a search on these vases.. you will see the amount of info that strongly state that they are HORRIBLE. sorry to be an alarmist.. but i found this thread to be ALARMING. please plant enthusiasts.. if you find that this is too much work than do the lily vase but OMIT the fish. i know that bettas are pretty and ad 'FLAIR' to the centerpeice, but dont forget that they are living things as well. how would you like to be in a stuffy bowl with roots all over you and you cant breathe and you have to stew in your own feces and urine??

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Thank you so much Pamela! I received my betta from a coworker at school who said the children were picking on him too much. I love my little Clyde. She has a great deal of experience with betta fish, and suggested to get him pellets, instead of flakes, because flakes make the water foggy and dirty faster, in addition the betta eats the pellet better with less sinking to the bottom. I had him in those little containers they sell at the pet store. I cleaned his bowl out once a wk, but saw it stayed pretty clean because of the pellets so I did every other wk. Summer vacation came, and I brought him home. I didn't like his small container, so I did some searching and bumped into your hub! I had never heard of this site, but I read up on your info, and having already a bamboo plant, I thought this was perfect! I got a large vase, just a little taller than yours, and more smooth rocks 3 1/2 inches. I put little Clyde in there with the bamboo, right on my breakfast table that overlooks the backyard. HE LOVES IT. He always swam up to me, but now he swims more, does little flips and looks so happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am wondering then, you said 3-4 wks on changing water? I have read more often...but you have had fish in your vase for a while and they all did well? How do u decide between 3 or 4?

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Bamboo Betta Fish Bowl Habitat Homegrown Good Lucky Bamboo Plant Vase Stones A friend of mine went to a wedding last summer. The theme was a tropical one...the bride and groom were going somewhere warm for their honeymoon. The centerpieces on each table were to be given away to the guests at the end of the evening. Centerpieces...betta fish in a vase with a CALLA lily as the plant in the bowl. The arrangement looked wonderful until as the evening wore on the fish started going belly side up and one by one they died. There were little kids crying because the fish that they were going to take home were dying. Some people even took the calla lily out and changed the water in the vase hoping that the fish would revive. No such luck. Moral of the story...Calla lilies are POISONOUS to fish and even if they look pretty, looks can be deceiving.

Therefore…probably not the best option for a beta bowl… Reply.

I have two bettas and no plants. I think it would be distracting to have a plant. I have the artificial aquarium plants in the bowl and a little statue that says No Fishing. I have even named them Rocky and Bullwinkle. They are cute and I swear they know when I am in the room, because they look for me because they know I feed them.

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