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An Endless Food System combines fish and plants together in a natural, symbiotic way. The fish provide food for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. A water pump constantly moves the water from a fish tank into gravel-filled grow beds full of vegetable plants. The only inputs needed are fish food and a very small amount of electricity (can be from a car battery & solar panel) to run the water pump and air pump.

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In order to gain a fuller picture of the effects of total substitution of both FM and FO, the present study primarily aimed to characterise the regulation of the liver transcriptome in European sea bass fed on a fish-free diet for 9 months, using an oligonucleotide microarray recently developed for this species []. This investigation was performed on liver because this organ plays a key role in intermediary metabolism, integrates a large part of nutrient uptake and affects a wide range of functions in the body, including plasma protein synthesis, hormone production and detoxification. The present study was undertaken using two half-sibfamilies that exhibited similar growth rates when they were fed a FM-FO diet, but different growth rates when they were fed a plant protein-vegetable oil based diet. The second aim of this work was to pinpoint genes and related metabolic and physiological pathways that could explain the different adaptation of these two half-sibfamilies of European sea bass to a plant-based diet. The hepatic transcriptomes and flesh LC-PUFA profiles were, therefore, compared between these half-sibfamilies.

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Sierra: How can people get involved in the Gulf restoration effort and the Plant a Fish projects? DEP is investigating the Brunner Island steam electric plant after hundreds of dead fish were found in the plant's discharge channel in the Susquehanna.

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Department spokesman John Repetz said the dead fish were discovered Monday near the York Haven plant, which is owned by Allentown-based Talen Energy, and an investigation has begun.

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Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques, has a message for you: Plant a fish. The third generation ocean explorer woke up late one night with an idea–if we can save the forests by planting trees, we can help save the oceans by “re-planting” aquatic species in degraded marine environments. The idea evolved into his foundation, , which aims to empower and educate local communities through hands-on marine restoration experiences.For more on what our planet will look like without Plant a Fish, I highly recommend World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky. This book combines elements of a graphic novel with solid information about the state of our oceans. Although Mr. Kurlansky wrote the book for middle school students, it’s an accessible and thoughtful introduction to the topic for readers of any age.