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If you live in the United States of America, chances are that you have walked into a local pet shop or supercenter store and found yourself staring at small fish magnificently decorated with neon colors of red, green, orange, pink, or purple. Personally, I fell in love with a green Glofish shown in the photo above, brought him home, and named him Banana. He looks green under blue lighting, and more yellow under white lighting. Glofish will appear slightly different color under these different lighting types due to their fluorescent skin.

Glofish are beautiful and great pets, but If you thought such vivid colors on Glofish seemed unnatural, you would be correct. Changing the genes of animals is an ongoing scientific controversy that is popular with some biologists seeking gene research. In this article we will cover Glofish care needs, along with the history and origin of Glofish.

Glofish Gravel (PINK NEON 5#)

hi my name is jennifer and i had 4 neon tetra this summer. 3 of my neon tetra go stuck in the filtter. what sould i do. i now have to big tetra. my pink tetra kepp laing at the bottmed. what sould i do about my pink fish

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Sep 21, 2013 - Are you having trouble keeping your Neon Tetras alive

Hello I have a question I went to Walmart and got a pink and green neon tropical fish they are tiny and I want to put my goldfish with them but I’m pretty scared

my pink tetra kepp laing at the bottmed