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At Tropic EdenT, we only select the highest quality of reef sand that exactly matches the requirement we need. We pay great attention to selecting the specific forms of the reef sand we collect. Hence, we have the , Tonga Pink Sand, Tonga Mesoflakes, , which look very much like oatmeal flakes, and the original Tropic EdenT for use in calcium reactor as a great source of a complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements so critical for the growth of stony corals and all other calcareous organisms. These four are part of Tropic Eden's high quality natural aquarium products.

Natural samoa pink colored sand for saltwater aquariums and reef systems

This premium sand is ideal for reef aquarium bottoms, high surface area filter media, and denitrifying anaerobic beds. Using Nature's Ocean Samoa Pink Sand can reduce nitrates and increase carbonate hardness. Plus, 100% of it comes from the ocean floor.

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caribsea inc aquarium dry aragonite reef sand fiji pink 15 pound - Sears Grain size diameter of .5-1.5mm. Natural samoa pink colored sand for saltwater aquariums and reef systems. Reduces nitrates, maintains pH, increases carbonate hardness, and provides marine trace elements.

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Fiji Pink - This soft pink colored, 100% aragonite substrate is a good intermediate sand size product. The precise 0.5 - 1.5mm grain size combines some of the animal friendly properties of fine sand such as ingestability and low resistance to burrowing, but with better diffusive flux properties and good porosity. This is also the standard choice for reef aquariums at 1 pound per gallon.

Pink shrimp march across the sand of an aquarium, Florida.