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Exotic species may be fine for aquarium-fish enthusiasts but when they get released into natural waterways they can wreak havoc. For instance, if these koi goldfish were to make it downstream and explode in numbers there, they could supplant native fish species there. Downstream, some three to four fish species are considered threatened or "species of concern," Swigle said. They include the brassy minnow, common shiner and stone cat fish. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

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Swigle said there are three options for removing the goldfish from Teller Lake #5. These include: electrofishing, which involves stunning the fish in order to physically remove them from the lake; killing the fish with rotenone, a chemical that interferes with respiration; and draining the lake and leaving it dormant. If the fish are physically removed, they could be fed to injured bald eagles, ospreys and hawks at a raptor center, Swigle said. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

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One of many great free stock photos from Pexels. This photo is about fish, aquarium, goldfish. Just a handful of the koi goldfish were likely dumped into the Colorado lake (shown here) a few years ago. The fish are not native to the lake and don't occur naturally anywhere in North America, according to fish biologist Ben Swigle with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

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The koi goldfish has at least one thing in common with those downstream fish. They both like to eat plankton and small insects. That means the goldfish would compete with native fish, some of which have been there since the land was settled, for food. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

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Here, a close-up look at the young fish in Teller Lake. The offers humane ways of getting rid of pets such as goldfish. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)I’m a sucker for animals. I think it’s an incredible deed to help out animals when we can. When it comes to disabled or injured animals, I thought I had seen just about everything on my daily social media feed scrolls, until this morning. I saw a strange photo of a goldfish who was strapped to some odd-looking device.