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Clearly, with independent pet stores, each store is unique and will vary in quality. We recommend looking for the following signs of a good pet store and suggest that you don’t buy goldfish from a store unless they meet these criteria:

Let’s take a look at the most common goldfish types available in pet stores. See any you like?

Dolittle's Petstore is located in Webster and has a decent selection ofgoldfish and related supplies. The fish are treated well and kept ingenerously sized tanks. This store is definitely worth a look.

pet store refusing to sell goldfish

Nearly all pet store goldfish are already sick or are on the verge of sickness. Pets aren’t toys. Tracey understands that, and she wanted to teach her son how to care for a small pet. They bought a tank and all of the extras, let it sit for five days, then returned to the store to get the actual fish. That’s when a helpful employee told them that she wouldn’t sell them goldfish for a small aquarium, because the fish would eventually grow too large.

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While you’re likely bubbling with excitement, eager to get that aquarium filled with goldfish, it’s important that you take your time. Don’t take buying goldfish lightly – you shouldn’t just buy the first goldfish you see. Look around for good specimens and consider your options. Visit several different pet stores if you have to. You’ll want your goldfish to arrive home healthy.

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Beware the pet store who cares only about profit! Some pet goldfishare shipped in by the hundreds and kept in diseased, unhealthyconditions. THIS THE GOLDFISH SANCTUARY ABHORS AND OPPOSES. Fish areoften kept in overcrowded tanks. It is the responsibility of thecompassionate enthusiast to never support these stores with theirpurchase dollars. Do not buy your tanks from them, or your fish, oryour filters, or anything. Every dollar you spend at these stores isgoing to be used to abuse more goldfish. If you need proof, justnotice how poor the color of these fish are. Notice how many dead fish you find in these tanks. This is not good for the fishkeeper and iscertainly a living atrocity for the fish.This is an excellent store with knowledgable sales people who are always willing to help. Two things in particular that convinced me they know a lot about goldfish: 1) I looked and looked and looked, and there were no goldfish bowls in the store. This actually is the only fish store I've been in that didn't have them (maybe they have them and I missed them, but at least they aren't pushing them). 2) When I first got goldfish and had two in a 5 gallon tank, I went there looking for help and they clued me in on the 10G rule. Despite being a small store with two large pet stores and a new fish store in the nearby area, they somehow manage to almost always have a significantly lower price than the competition on supplies.In fact, we encourage you to write to poor quality petstores to letthem know that you have decided to buy your supplies elsewhere. If you do, Goldfish Sanctuary will proudly display your letter at this site.Trying to find healthy and high quality goldfish in the local pet stores is frustrating. But, you can't really blame the pet stores. Most of what they sell is from Asia and have been passed through several intermediaries. By the time you get them home, they have been stressed for so long that their immune system is weak and they are on the verge of a disease outbreak. The pet store cannot afford to bring in the best quality goldfish because their losses are so high. They must carry inexpensive low-quality fish which can be sold quickly. It's a shame because this situation is giving goldfish a reputation they do not deserve. Goldfish can be hardy and bring years of enjoyment, but you need to start with strong healthy fish.