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A Pufferfish follower pet token is an item that can be purchased through for 100 , or rarely found while doing skilling activities at the or as a drop from . It can be activated to unlock .

The Dogface Pufferfish is renowned for its “traditional” pet-like personality.

The Spotted Green Puffer has a stout rounded body shape with small spines. The face is very cute, having a smallish mouth topped by slightly bulging eyes and a broad forehead . Like many of the pufferfish, the coloring of the Spotted Green Puffer can vary. The adult is a beautiful rich green on top with dark spots and a whitish belly. In juveniles the green is less colorful. They can reach 6.7 inches (17 cm) in length.Despite pet stores selling them as freshwater fish, these fish live in Brackish water in their natural habitats. In nature they do spend some time in fresh water during the rainy season as they will go in to rain flooded areas as juveniles. As juveniles they can tolerate swimming through areas of freshwater, brackish water to saltwater.Pufferfish have the ability to 'puff' themselves up with water or air if threatened. When they inflate, their spines protrude outward and this apparently helps keep them from being eaten. Another defense of many puffer species is to produce toxic substances in their flesh that is poisonous if eaten.

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“: Minecraft Crazy Craft 3.0: LEGENDARY PUFFERFISH PET! (Inventory Pet Mod)! #34:  via ” awesome vid "A lot of people have fish, but you never really hear them call the fish pets; it's always, 'I have fish,'" owner Blakely Fountain, a graduate student in the public health school, said. "But, I think that pufferfish are the one species that can really be called a pet because they are so intelligent and friendly."

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In Japan, pufferfish aren’t pets. They are a delicacy. A dish prepared from pufferfish is called fugu and only chefs who have trained for three years or more can prepare it, since they have to remove the poisonous organs of the fish so that the people who eat the dish won’t die of poisoning. In spite of this, many people have still been poisoned and some have even died. Between 1996 and 2006, 44 fugu poisoning incidents were recorded in Japan.

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The Striped Burrfish or Spiny Box Puffer, is much less easy to care for than pufferfish. On the positive side, they only reach about 9.8" and are best kept in a fish only tank that is 180 gallons or more. They tend to be reluctant to feed and tend to waste away. Smaller specimens are a little easier to acclimate and feed if other tank mates do not out compete it for food. Deworm them upon arrival to increase their chances. Avoid bottom dwelling fish, slow-moving fish or long finned fish. They will not bother others in it's family and needs lots of swimming space since they are found in seagrass meadows. Provide a 180 gallon tank and feed them meaty marine foods including hard shelled shrimp and hermits to help wear down their teeth.The Puffer Fish species list below includes popular varieties as well lesser known puffer fish species. Each fish guide has in-depth pufferfish information including their places of origin, habitats and behaviors as well as the fish care needed for successfully keeping aquarium puffer fish. Puffer Fish pictures are also provided within each fish guide to help with identification, and to aid in choosing Puffer Fish pets.