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Fishing in the aquarium, man I was tearing em up! These little fish were definitely biting. In this video I show off my epic fishing skills for the world. You gotta go where the fish are if you want to be successful. Hook, line and sinker. Fishing is the best. Watch me demonstrate how to bait the hook, work the jig and attract the most fish. Were fishing with worms on a little bity jig hook here and were going danger close. The fish were really biting in the living room of our home today. Man I was literally tearing em up in our fish tank...actually my old lady's fish tank! LOL Spending time with the kids is an important parenting tip. I'm learning how to raise kids and raising a child ain't easy. I hope I'm doing a good job as a parent in raising my child!

Watch aquarium fishing for a hilarious, awesome, epic funny, good time!
check out this funny video on youtube. Fun for kids, and the whole family especially if you have pets an animals, including fish. (NO PETS OR ANIMALS WERE HURT DURING THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO). Thanks for watching
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LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE. LEAVE FISHIE ALONE. COMEDY, HUMOR YOUTUBE VIDEO. FISH JOKE TIP US HERE; we lost everything in the flood in Louisiana. Help us raise money to rebuild share the link please

Product feature video for a Fincredibles Electronic Pet Fish - Swims Like The Real Thing

Such a nice day to walk my pet fish Dory...(Walking a dead fish/Fish Prank)
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In this video Brown Nerd decides to walk his pet fish Dory. Brown Nerd has had Dory for about 2 years now and she has been one of the best. Dory is very social and likes to go to dog parks and play catch. Unfortunately some people don't like Brown Nerd's pet fish. Dory has serious medical problems so Brown Nerd takes her to the vet. Taking a fish to the vet is useless. They don't help! Thanks for watching this Fish Prank (Walking a Dead Fish). Like and share pls. Brown Nerd OUT. PPPEACE.

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San Diego, CA 92171-1952

Send me stuff and I'll try to improvise it into a video! Maybe more "Pet Fish" videos

Troll comment of the week: "Can't believe that guy straight up ate Dory at smh" Type if you see this

In this video, we open 4 Lil' Fishy pets and set up our aquarium

In this video I show you my wonderful pet fishes and their fish tank aquarium. Worf is: The PET Oscar fish.

Named after Worf from Star Trek!

This is Tiedyeman's Oscar, This crazy fish loves playing with you, being pet, and eating out of your hand.

Music By: The Elektrik Gypsies

To the people harassing me, stop it, it's uncool having to say I'm getting a bigger tank a million times over, would you guys like to buy the tank for me, or give me your tank?

I didn't think so, so please stop commenting on the tank, look at the bloody fish for God sakes, that's what this video is about.

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Bob, The Fish That Loves To Be Petted, And Does Not Mind Being Lifted Out Of Water. This video was used with the kind permission of SWANNSPIT, who shot it in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
SWANNSPIT has written a very detailed description, but for the sake of those who do not speak Brazilian Portuguese,
I will surmize what he wrote:
Fish Species: Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus)
Location video shot: Cachambi, Zona Norte do Rio (North Zone of Rio)
Pet Owner: Paul(Paulinho, diminuitive in Portuguese), a Pet store-owner
Pet Store Name: Palavra de Bicho (loosely translated to The Word Of The Animal)
Pet Store Location: Cachambi, Ferreira de Andrade Road, Rio de Janeiro

Original Video Location On YouTube:

Other Info:
The music clip at the end of the video is from Everette Harp's "When I Think Of You".

Everette Harp Music Purchase information:

Everette Harp(Jazz Player):Poster

Everette Harp(Jazz Player):"When I Think Of You"

Everette Harp(Jazz Player):99 cents MP3 downloads and other albums

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