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A fish bowl can serve as adequate snail habitat. The keys are size and cleanliness. Most pet freshwater snails are so-called apple, mystery or trapdoor snails, which breathe surface air through a long tube called a siphon, so they don't need very much dissolved oxygen in the water. They do, however, need enough space to freely move and roam, to maintain normal territories and to allow their waste to dilute between bowl cleanings.

The following is a list of some possible fish bowl pets and how you can keep them healthy.

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Explore Petco for your fish bowl or desktop aquarium and find the setup that best suits your needs. Which means, unless you were quick to get to the pet store, it's probably sitting in some sort of Tupperware container, or maybe even an empty butter tub. Don't worry, it's nothing to be ashamed of. But let's get something a little bit more suitable. Some people (like carnival workers) might tell you that a little glass or plastic fish bowl will last throughout your fish's entire life. And that's true, because your fish will only live about a month in something like that.

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This is a good price, and if you're still thinking about a plastic bowl, consider that an aquarium can last for decades and can be resold if you wish. So head to your pet store, department store, or maybe even drug or grocery store and pick one up. A ten gallon is the old standard, and will work perfectly for up to 5 goldfish. Included in your package should be the aquarium, a lid (if the lid holds a light, make sure there is something to keep condensation away from the bulb), a filter and pump system, and possibly some gravel and plants for decoration.

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We specialize in freshwater andseasonal pond life, with over 2,500 gallons from which to choose. The Fish BowlToo also carries a full line of pets and pet supplies at competitiveprices. We take pride in our ever-changing inventory...all thesupplies to accommodate your pet in comfort and style. When you look at it with that in mind, you can see why most peopleconsider fish bowls to be unduly cruel to any fish. However, you mayalready have the bowl, or it may have been given to you as a gift withthe best intentions. In either case, you have an obligation to makethe best of the conditions until you can get a healthy environment foryour pet fish.If your fish tank is either under ten gallons in totalcapacity or is not filtered, it is a small tank or bowl andshould only be considered by experienced aquarium keepers whounderstand the drawbacks and disadvantages of such an environment forpet fish, and are willing to take on the extra challenge and additionalmaintenance required for these small aquariums.In a bowl where you have provided maximized surface, are agitatingthe water and , andhave the bowl covered, water changes can usually be reduced to twiceweekly. However, remember to watch your fish for signs of (gasping at thesurface, lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of color, and inflammationof the gills, eyes, and possibly fins) or excess debris in the water,such as fish waste or uneaten food, and perform extra water changes asnecessary.