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Regular partial water changes promote clean tanks and clear aquarium water. Major changes to the aquatic environment are highly stressful to fish, and even potentially fatal to more sensitive species. For this reason, you can't just get rid of all the old water -- no matter how cloudy it may be -- and replace it with clean water at once. Change 10 percent of the water at a time every two weeks. Have new water standing by at the same temperature as your aquarium water, and mixed to the appropriate gravity if you have a saltwater tank. For safety, turn off any parts and power to the tank. Siphon out about 1/10 of the water and replace it with the new, clean and clear water.

In addition to our wonderful selection of custom and prebuilt aquariums, we offer a plethora of fish tank/aquarium accessories, parts and devices

Welcome to the Aquarium Replacement Parts superstore! Keeping your aquarium running smoothly can sometimes require replacing a part or two, whether in your aquarium filter, pump, powerhead, or heater. Fortunately, we have all the parts you need right here!

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help keep your fish tank well supplied with oxygenating bubbles to improve the overall health and balance of your water, fish and plants.

Your aquarium water pump is perhaps the most crucial element in maintaining your tank's overall health; the pump circulates the water and prevents it from becoming stagnant, while also delivering it to the filter for regular cleaning. We have the parts to fix anything that might go wrong with your pump, including , , and general and you need to get the lighting of your fish tank perfect.

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Aquarium parts from Drs. Foster & Smith include fish tank parts, aquarium filter parts and a variety of tools to properly maintain your fish tank. The fish tank will then be manufactured accordingly keeping the upside down fish tank aesthetics in mind. I hope to be able to make more parts of the fish tank move than just the lid. This is where I need to brain storm more ideas. I guess the fish tank will have “moving parts” if I have a pump and aerator as well, but I would like for it to more some more. Another idea that I had was to be able to grow plants on top of the fish tanks as well. Please let me know if anyone has any input. Thank you!

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In addition to our wonderful selection of custom and prebuilt aquariums, we offer a plethora of fish tank/aquarium accessories, parts and devices. Some of these other items include:

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Before setting up your first ever kids aquariums, make a list of the essential things needed to complete your desired fish tank. Here is a presentation of the essential parts you need to purchase to complete your dream aquarium. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. The only safe level of ammonia is 0 parts per million (ppm). Even concentrations of just 2 ppm can cause fish to die in your tank. By measuring your tank's water and making the necessary adjustments, you can help lower ammonia levels back down to a safe, manageable level for your fish.