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Panda corydoras was first collected by Randolph H. Richards in 1968 and it was named Corydoras panda by Nijssen and Isbrücker in 1971. It is called Panda due to their black marking over its eyes. The name “Panda corydoras” was given in honor of the Giant Panda of China. This fish belongs to the Family Callichthyidae under order Siluriformes of Class Actinopterygii.

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The Panda Cory or scientifically called “Panda Corydoras” is fish species which originates from river systems in Peru. This fish is also known as Panda Cat or Panda catfish. There are also hybrids of this fish like Gold Corydoras Panda. The Panda Cory has short and compressed body with recognizable shape and color patterns. This fish species has a maximum size of 5 cm in length. The Panda Cory is recommended for intermediate fish keepers who has knowledge and experience with fish keeping. If you aren’t well prepared and informed, don’t buy this fish.

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Panda corydoras - Freshwater Fish Species Profiles | Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community I keep Panda cory's and they're breeding too. Other species that I breed regularly is Bristlenose catfish.✍ Share your opinion or experiences regarding this comment

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Panda Cory Catfish are the among best bottom cleaners for the community aquarium. These fish are very peaceful and attractive with a cocoa background and black spotting that give them a cute panda bear look.

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The “Panda Cat” (Corydoras panda) is a catfish found in the Ucayali river system of Peru. It is called Panda since it has black marking over its eyes. Black markings are also present on the dorsal fin and audal peduncle. The main body color is pink to orange. These fishes seldom grow bigger than 4.5 centimeters (1 ¾ inch). During spawning, the males will follow the fertile female around and circle her. The eggs are no larger than 1.5 mm and can be left on the glass as well as on plants and spawning mops. Unlike many other catfish species, Corydoras panda produce rather small batches. Don’t be surprised if the first Corydoras panda spawning yields less than 10 eggs. A nutritious diet is imperative if you want to breed Corydoras panda. Feed your catfish a varied diet with plenty of meaty foods. You can for instance combine black worms and brine shrimp with sinking catfish food and some high-quality flake food. Water changes are also imperative, ideally change 25% every fourth day. Frequent water changes are even more important if you feed your catfish black worms. Panda corydoras is a very beautiful and cute silurid catfish which is also referred to as Panda cat, Panda cory, Panda catfish etc. It is found in the Ucayali river system of Peru. It inhabits both clear and blackwater streams, their tributaries and over soft sandy substrates. It prefers to dwell at the bottom of rivers, lakes, streams and creeks etc.