The choice was quiet good with different Oscar fish varieties.

If you succeed in understanding their nature, you will have a great Oscar fish in your home aquarium. When talking about their varieties based on coloration, you can have varied varieties of Oscar fish in red, albino coloration with variation in long fins.

Oscar Varieties, A Photographic Record of Different Types of Oscar Fish

Some additional examples of "Common Oscars" (or "Wild Type Oscars") are included below. As you can see, there is wide variety of fish classified as a Common Oscar.

Oscar Fish Information | Types of Oscar | About Oscar Fish

Oscar Varieties, A Photographic Record of Different Types of Oscar Fish. Oscars will eat a wide variety of food including flakes, pellets and live foods. To keep them healthy and their colors bright, it is recommended that a regular diet of live foods be given to them. and are both good food choices for Oscars. Feeder guppies and goldfish are also a good choice.

Oscar Varieties, A Photographic Record of Different ..

It is not quite correct to identify Common Oscars as a color variety of Astronotus ocellatus (Oscar Cichlid). They ARE Astronotus ocellatus in that all other color varities of Oscar fish have the "Common Oscar" color type as the bases of their development. All of the reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and golds, found in the various Oscar Fish color varieties, are likely developed from the genetic base of the "Common Oscar".

Oscar Varieties, A Photographic Record of ..

There are a few color varieties of the Oscar Fish including albino, olive-green, brown and dark gray. They can get quite large, usually 12-14 inches and should be kept in a 75 gallon or larger aquarium. The Oscar is also known for being one of the more messy tropical fish to keep. Try to get the best filtration system possible for them and be prepared to perform frequent water changes. They are known to rearrange their environment from time to time and to bash in to filter uptake tubes and heaters. If you are wanting to keep live plants in an aquarium you may not want to get an Oscar because they love to dig up plants. They are also very good jumpers, so a heavy hood is a necessity.Finally, keep in mind a healthy and happy fish needs variety in its diet, so always try to offer your Oscar fish different foods and supplements on a daily basis.In the wild, Oscars would eat a variety of insects and crustaceans. Live foods are good for stimulating growth, but a large quantity can cause parasites, obesity, or fatty liver disease. You can occasionally feed them mussels, prawns, shrimp, or meal worms. Small feeder fish may also be part of their diet, provided they are very healthy. It is best for the owners to raise their own feeder fish, as fish from pet stores or raised in fish farms can bear diseases transmittable to the Oscar fish. The most affordable and disease-free feeder fish are the guppy or the rosy red minnows.Some good varieties of oscar fishes for keeping in home aquariums. I had kept number of oscar fishes at home but none survived up to a full grown adult. If any person who has experience of growing a single oscar of more than 3 yrs then please do recommend some suggestions for me for keeping oscars at home aquariums.
White Fiery Oscars I named it, they are commonly called Albino Oscar Fishes
and Black Fiery Oscars are called Tiger Oscars or Red Oscar sometimes. Red Oscars have more red shades that black shades.
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Albino Oscar
Tiger Oscar
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