Compare Dry Dog Food: Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Adult Dog

Orijen 6 Fresh Fish dog food mainly uses fish as the protein source. It will improve teeth, skin, hair and gives a lot of energy. Additionally, it will help to remove ear infections and flaky skin. But if your dog does not suit this high protein content food then try or

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I used to feed my Samoyed Natures Variety Instinct Salmon kibble and he did very well on it. It was one of the only dog foods that did not give him gas. I then switched to Orijens when NV’s prices skyrocketed. My Sammy absolutely loved the Orijens 6 Fish kibble however it did give him a little gas.
After almost 5 years feeding Orijens , I am considering switching back to NV for 2 reasons. First, even though the Orijens is labelled 6 Fish the main protein source is chicken. If you check the ingredients in the Orijens cat food however they use fish as the sole protein. NV also uses fish as the main ingredient namely salmon but do not guarantee it sources only Pacific Salmon. Secondly, due to daily medication for SAD my Sammy’s gas problem has become significantly worse.
I am tempted to feed him the NV Salmon kibble and sprinkle the Orijens Salmon cat kibble on top to achieve approximately the same protein content.

Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Senior Dog - Dry Dog Food Comparison

Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food, 25-lb bag; High-protein, low-carbohydrate and loaded with fresh regional fish, Orij Orijen does not outsource its ingredients. Instead, it so they can be utilized in a very fresh state. The ingredients in their products have never been frozen but rather refrigerated or cooled to maintain their state of freshness. It is for this reason that they receive their ingredients on a daily basis to ensure that they are at their freshest and in their most natural form.Any ingredient found in an Orijen product is safe for human consumption and no preservatives have been added to their ingredients. The company only purchases ingredients from reputable sources in the region.Champion Pet Foods does not use GMO ingredients, meat with hormones and antibiotics, or fish high in heavy metals. Dogs are carnivores, they need a diet high in meat and protein, they do not need carbohydrates. Conventional pet foods contain anywhere from 40-60% carbs. . They contain a variety of meats, in order to mirror the natural diversity dogs would have in the wild. Orijen believes in offering dogs meat diversity. This means their are a variety of meats in each formula.

Compare Dry Dog Food: Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Senior Dog

Orijen is a great dog food. It saved my chihuahua with food allergies. 6 fish is all she can eat without getting sick. The only recall I can find was a problem with fish bones in the food. It was a isolated incident a few years ago. Get out your wallet, but it is worth the cost.

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