Compare Dry Dog Food: Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Senior Dog

Acana is basically a more affordable version of Orijen. Both are excellent quality dog foods and are considered the best that the dog food world has to offer. See the following video for more information:Although all Orijen products are known for their superior quality, the product that I would recommend is the As the name suggests, this formula includes 6 different types of fish- Pacific Salmon, Flounder, Northern Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish, and Wild Herring. Additionally, there are fruits and vegetables included to provide the nutrients that cannot be received from fish. This particular product has 80% protein and is nutritious for dogs of all breeds and stages of life. The Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula is especially designed to enhance lean muscle mass, enhance the skin and hair coat, as well as maintain healthy blood sugar levels of any dog, ultimately keeping your dog at an optimum weight and top peak condition.

* Origin 6 fish dog meets every life stage has enacted the AAFCO Dog Food nutrient reference value.

I have had just a continual problems with both Acanna and Orijen line dog foods. About 4 months ago we took our 6 month old Mastiff/Boxer off Diamond large breed puppy (which he ate with zero side effects) and switched him to the Acanna Burbank Potato chicken flavor food. We did a slow 5 day transition and it seemed to get ok, until about 2 weeks later. He started throwing it up like every other meal, and acted like his tummy was in trouble..eating grass during outside times etc. Since the kibbles appeared mostly undigested when he puked them up, we thought maybe he was eating too fast so we got him a maze bowl, and elevated his bowl as well. This slowed him down a lot, but had zero effect on his ability to stomach the food. After reading online, and talking to vet etc, we thought he may have a potato allergy so we switched him to Acanna Wild prairie. He perked up, and we thought we got it under control, then 2 weeks later, same deal. Thought perhaps it might be the protein source so we switched him to the Acanna Fish flavor (blue bag) Same deal. 2 weeks of joy, then puking. We are so discouraged at this point. About 6 weeks ago we thought ok, theres still 5% potato in all Acanna kibbles, we will switch to Orijen, so we switched to the Adult Chicken since he was eating Diamond dog food chicken flavor we thought was a safe protein. This time he made it nearly a month, but has since started puking up every other day, so not as often but still eats grass…acts upset. We recently got a SECOND puppy from the same breeder using the same 2 parent dogs, Mastiff/Boxer, and we have a little 2 month old puppy at home with us now in addition to our now 9 month old thats been puking since we took him off cheap food, and the 2 month old is now eating grass and puking every other meal! We have changed from 2 larger portions during the day, to 3 smaller portions throughout the day and never exceed the bag recommended total amount of cups per day based on his weight. Bowls elevated, with maze bowls AND Trippet pro-biotics with each meal. Nothing matters! Whats so very frustrating, is we have done lots of research to find a safe healthy kibble and all of our findings on the Orijen company suggest its a great kibble, so why are our dogs throwing it up? So disheartening… We just feel so overwhelmed at this point.. thinking about switching to either blue buffalo for a more bland oat/rice diet, or Nature’s Logic. Anyone know anything about this anomaly? Any help is very appreciated as we are at our wits end. BOTH our little guys just need a healthy dog food that they can stomach 🙁

Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Adult Dog - Dry Dog Food Comparison

Orijen Adult Dog Freeze Dried Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Fish Dry Dog Food, 6 oz, Yellow ; Animals & Pet Supplies - Pet Supplie Pro: I have two German Shepherds and feed one of them Orijen red meat and fish exclusively. I gave up trying to find another cheaper dog food that did not contain chicken or white potatoes and didn’t list peas as the second ingredient. He is allergic to chicken and white potatoes. He suffered many scratching, biting his extremities, rashes and digestive tract problems. His eyes constantly ‘water’. Since feeding Orijen, the biting and digestive issues have improved, and his rashes have disappeared. And his coat is a beautiful, shiny black. My other GSD eats Blue wilderness, Acana or Orijen . Fortunately, she can eat anythingl Yes, it gets expensive feeding 6 cups of Orijen daily.

Compare Dry Dog Food: Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Adult Dog

Our 11 month old doberman absolutely loves orijen. Granted she never had anything different except some puppy formula prior before we got her at 3 months, but wanted her to have a great diet from the beginning. We did our research and finished the bag a dry food from the owner we bought her from. We started her on the puppy version dry food from orijen and she is now on the adult dry, mixing it up between 6fish & red every other bag.
Energy all the time, great vet check ups, healthy & being a short haired breed no dandruff . Her fur is so shiny people ask all the time if we use some expensive conditioners.
Great dog food- wouldn’t think of buying anything different.

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