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Some added meds to consider: I keep Seachem Paraguard for parasite treatments, there's also API Bettafix (a derivative of Melafix that won't hurt bettas- apparently melafix coats their lungs and makes breathing harder). Its also a good idea to get Kordon Mthylene Blue (you may have to order this online) for treating some more severe illnesses. Its better to have it before you need it-the stuff it fixes may kill a fish before its shipped to you if you don't have it on hand. Hopefully you'll never need the Blue, but its better safe than sorry. Also have some standard epson salt around (found at pharmacies and some grocery stores).

Mar 23, 2017 - Female betta fish will perform a “pecking order,” or dominance hierarchy

All of the fish should be added at the same time. This allows the fish community to establish an order. If new female bettas are added later, the pecking order has to start over again and can result in fighting and damaged fins.

The Bettas are very beautifull and appear to be healthy

Is it really worth the trouble to order a Betta from a breeder in Thailand? I know that i have to pay for the fish and their shipping to the US. Is. Big box stores aren’t your only option. Local fish stores (LFS as we call them) are those small privately owned fish stores that are the lifeline to most aquarium hobbiests. When you need a specific piece of or special-order thinga-ma-jig for your aquarium, you go to your LFS. When you need those live worms that make your fishies so happy, you go to your LFS. When you need aquarium advice from someone who actually know what they are doing, you go to your LFS. When you need a special species that are hard to track down, you go to your LFS. The same goes with special breeds of bettas. Large pet stores don’t necessarily see the value in unusual varieties of bettas because most of the people who shop there simply don’t care.

the same as item #9311, shown just above, but without a Betta Fish

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In this way you can pick your own Betta

The most common and easily found of the Bettas is . Though this is a beautiful fish, examine a variety of Bettas before you decide. Most pet shops will order any Betta they do not normally stock, which could be preferable to buying their stock fish. Many times pet owners have the same fish for a year or more. Considering the relatively short life span of most Bettas (2-3 years), it is probably a good idea to special order them.I just bought a male Betta today at Walmart. I bought a Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium Kit and TetraMin Tropical Flakes fish food. Will the tank and fish food be alright for my Betta? Do I need to get a different tank and food for him? What kind of water can I use if I don't have any water conditioner handy or just don't want to get any? Is bottled water that you can find at a grocery store or Walmart be alright? How many times do I have to feed him? I believe he got feed today before I bought him since he didn't eat any of the fish food I gave him. How many days do I need to give my Betta before he is fully acclimated to his new surroundings and is accustomed to me? Should I put paper over the lid of the tank so that he doesn't jump out at night? What temperature should I set the house when I am there and when I'm not there in order for my Betta to be comfortable? This is my first time owning a Betta so I could use all the help that I can get. I'm also looking for a suitable names for him as well.