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I know, you want to add some fish. But, in order to do this right you must wait until your aquarium has cycled before adding any fish. There are ways of speeding up this process. Check out the nitrogen cycle page to learn more about starting the nitrogen cycle and how to speed it up. If you must use fish to cycle, try to get a hardier species like the or . You may notice your fish tank cycle kicking in gear if you start to get some after a few days.

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So my first choice is to set up a “fishy jail.” For small to medium fish, buy a net breeder and hang it in a corner. You can isolate the bully inside for a week. It’ll be able to see and smell the other fish but won’t be able to attack them. It also lets the other fish establish stronger territories, so it may move the bully down the pecking order. I like the coarse mesh net breeders best because they let fish food and droppings fall through the bottom. You can also use the net breeder to isolate a slightly wounded fish so that it can heal without further injury. This has the advantage of letting the other fish see and smell the fish, so it won’t be viewed as a newcomer when reintroduced to the aquarium. You can also buy aquarium dividers to separate fish in your aquarium.

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Shop supplies to set up & maintain freshwater or saltwater fish aquariums. Fish tanks, lighting, test kits, filters, food & more. FREE SHIPPING on orders $19+. Caring for tropical fish is an activity that provides hours of enjoyment. Many people find that tending to the fish and their environment is a source of great peace. The beautiful colors are often breathtaking, and the calm nature of these animals is restorative to those who watch them swim gracefully through the water. Many people keep tropical fish just to add enjoyment to their surroundings, while other people are more serious and strive to create the perfect community of fish. Regardless of the level of seriousness, each fish keeper needs to take care when buying fish for their aquarium in order to make sure that the outcome is successful. Considering the level of salt needed as well as the aggressive tendencies of certain fish as well as the health of newcomers all play a part in selecting the right tropical fish for an aquarium community. Careful planning pays off when aquarium owners see the inhabitants living harmoniously together.

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That said, tragedies do occur when ordering livestock online. Over the years I have had fishes and corals arrive with busted bags, water that is freezing cold, overly stressed and in worst case scenarios dead. When ordering fish online I always watch the forecast and have the fish shipped on days that are not likely to be ice cold or blazing hot. Typically if you are prudent about looking at weather conditions when your fish will be in transit you can really increase your level of success. At the end of the day, ordering fish online should be a supplement to making purchases at a local fish store. The best way to get aquatic life is to get it directly from a fish outlet. That way you can inspect your purchase and make a good decision on whether or not the animal is healthy and likely to survive in your aquarium.

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