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Live goldfish food is an awesome source of protein. In fact, it’s often used to get goldfish ready for breeding. The extra protein is good for young goldfish that are still growing and fancy varieties with developing head growths (like oranda and lionhead goldfish).

Oranda Goldfish are omnivorous and will eat all types of dried and live foods

Setting up a goldfish aquarium in a manner that will keep your fish happy and healthy is the first step to success. The shape and size of the aquarium is important and depends upon the number of goldfish you are going to keep. These fish need a lot of oxygen and produce a lot of waste. Good filtration, especially biological filtration, is very helpful in maintaining the water quality of the aquarium. A filtration system will remove much of the detritus, excess foods, and waste, which keeps the tank clean and maintains the general health of the goldfish.Goldfish are a cold water fish and will do best at temperatures between 65 - 72° F (18°- 22° C). Unlike the flat-bodied types of goldfish however, the Ranchu Goldfish have a lower tolerance for pollution and cannot tolerate temperatures much below 60° F (16° C).Provide a gravel substrate to help create a natural and comfortable environment for your fish. You can add some decor, but make sure that all ornamentation is smooth with no protruding points or sharp edges. Smooth rocks or driftwood should be used sparingly if at all. Aquarium plants would be the best choice of aquarium decor for goldfish, but unfortunately these fish are diggers. Consequently live plants may be uprooted. Artificial plants make a good substitute and silk plants are safer than plastic ones.Most aquariums come with a cover that includes lighting. A cover for the tank is desirable as it reduces evaporation and though they are not prone to jumping, on occasion some gold fish will jump out. Lighting is not essential for goldfish, but does make the aquarium a nice show piece and lighting will help if you have live plants.Goldfish are freshwater fish, but they have some tolerance for slightly brackish water. The salinity level for must be kept low, below 10% with a specific gravity of less than 1.002.

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Sep 16, 2016 - Improve the health of your goldfish with this Hikari Oranda food from The Pond Guy Educate yourself on the specific needs of oranda goldfish. Common goldfish such as the shubunken have flat, long bodies; but orandas have large, round bodies that make them slow swimmers -- they do not compete well for food with more active species. Their hooded heads are also prone to disease from bacteria and unclean water, so they are not tolerant to polluted water. In addition, unlike other types of goldfish, orandas must have stable water temperatures: not too cold, because they do not thrive if the temperatures in their tanks dips too low.

Feeding on Pro-Gold and Shrimp pellets. 11/25/11.

Feed your finned friends nutritious foods formulated for fancy goldfish. Oranda goldfish are hardy eaters and will devour a variety of flakes and pellets. By supplementing your pets' diet with live worms and shrimp, vegetable pellets and frozen or freeze dried foods, you will provide the nutrients they need to grow to their potential.

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