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In January of 2007, Greathouse decided it was time to strike out on his own and start his own small hatchery called the Banggai Island Ornamental Fish Farm. Having worked with Banggai cardinalfish while at ORA, this was the logical choice fir aquaculture in his mind. As he puts it, I was driven to base my hatchery on the production of this species as a model for conservation through aquaculture.

The latest innovation to come out of ORA Farms is here–and they are calling it The Goldflake Clownfish.

According to the ORA Farm blog:
“Each Goldflake will have a unique pattern and, depending on the degree of white on the fish, these fish will be graded as regulars or premiums. Some of the premium fish have white that covers nearly half of their bodies. These fish will look absolutely spectacular when the white turns to gold as they mature. While the standard Goldflake will be readily available from ORA, the Premium Goldflakes are still exceptionally rare, perhaps one in 20,000 fish making their availability VERY limited.”

Other amazing aquacultured fish species from ORA.

Restricted by Israeli boats, Gaza resorts to fish farms | Kia Ora Gaza We have now teamed up with a local breeder, who is providing us with outstanding fish at a reasonable price. Ryan Greathouse runs the Banggai Island Ornamental Fish Farm in San Diego. Greathouse received his Bachelors of Science degree in environmental studies from the University of Oregon, and while there, he developed a strong conservation ethic. He eventually decided he wanted to focus his passion for conservation towards marine biology and, most importantly, fisheries conservation. Moving to Florida to attain a Masters degree, Greathouse became a technician at Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums (ORA).

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I'll keep this review short and sweet so as not to ruin the episode for you. In a nutshell, Fish Tank King Episode 5 is the most aquarist-centric episode to date. Living Color Aquariums is tasked to build a massive 650 gallon living coral reef aquarium, then a freshwater aquarium for former NBA all-star Alonzo Mourning's In order to stock the two aquarium builds, LCA takes us to not just one but two ornamental aquacultures. Viewers first visit ORA Farms to gawk at their impressive array of propagated corals. Next, we're taken to a tropical freshwater fish farm to pick out colorful cichlids for the youth center aquarium.

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A Zero-Impact Reef Aquarium that does not include any wild species, and therefore puts no pressure on natural reefs. An example of such an aquarium would most likely include Tank-Raised fish & invertebrates. Tank raised fish & coral have long proven to be great alternatives as their health is often far better than a wild animal that has endured a lot stress during the many hours of shipping.

A zero-impact reef can quickly be established with corals by getting frags from friends who are trimming back their tanks or by buying aquacultured and farm raised coral specimens. Even man made live rock is available from Pacific Aqua Farms, which has been cured in the ocean for several months to ensure some good coralline growth.

Ora Farms is one of the nation's largest marine ornamentals hatcheries. They provide some of the highest quality tank raised clownfish, dottybacks, seahorses, clams.... as well as their extensive diversity of of farm raised soft and stony corals. The Mystic Reef is SoCal's largest supplier of ORA fish &coral, come in to see our stock of: ORA Oregon Torts, ORA Chip's Blue, Nathan's green, Rose Millies, their new Verde Acro, Hyacinth birdsnest. We Also Have Naked Clownfish, with their even odder cousin the Picasso, and Snowflakes are on order!!Frank and William Hoff were the founders of Instant Ocean Hatcheries in 1974 , which was the largest closed cycle commercial marine tropical fish farm in the world. IOH was 100% independent of natural seawater and located in Dade City, Florida, 35 miles inland. Frank Hoff currently serves on the Board of Directors as a consultant to ORA (Oceans Reef & Aquariums) which is currently the largest marine tropical fish farm in the world.