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I used to have an open top tank and one cat (I have three) liked to reach up and dip a paw in to go fishing. I would recommend since yours will be kittens that you only allow them in the room with the fish tank while you are there to supervise. I would do the same thing for any room until you know for sure that they understand it's a bad thing to chew on electrical wires, etc.

Having dinner at TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney when - all of a sudden - a fish tank burst open!

Located in the central open atrium of the main building, the principal feature of the Aquarium is the Giant Ocean Tank, a cylindrical 200,000-US-gallon (760,000 l) tank simulating a Caribbean . This tank houses , , , , , and many smaller reef-living fish. Open at the top, the tank is surrounded by a walkway that spirals down, allowing visitors access to 52 windows that offer views of the reef from every angle and level.

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Having dinner at TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney when - all of a sudden - a fish tank burst open! Newly renovated areas of will officially open on Oct. 14 with a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony. The project has enhanced the library environment for not only the students with an open floorplan on the first floor, but also faculty with the installation of the new Faculty Innovations Support Hub, otherwise known as the FISH Tank.

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Two months after the team won The Journal-Standard’s inaugural Freeport Fish Tank competition on Oct. 26, the students have designed three escape room concepts and have pricing, props and puzzles for two of them. They’ve toured potential locations in downtown Freeport and hope to make a final decision on the location by February so they can open their entertainment business around spring break.

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After you leave the fish store you will want to go straight home to avoid accumulating in the bag (in the form of fish waste). Once you get home, open the top of the bag and remove about 25% of the water from the bag. Replace this water with the same amount of water from your tank. Float the bag in your tank and bring down the hood opening on the open end of the bag to help keep the bag secure. Every 10 minutes add about 1 measuring cup (use less if the bag is smaller) of your tank water to the bag. Repeat this process for about an hour. After an hour has passed use a small net to get the fish out of the bag and gently place the fish into your tank. The main idea here is to slowly get the fish used to your tank water (acclimated). Do not dump the bag water into your tank! If you do, you risk exposing your tank to any parasites or diseases that were in the dealer's tanks.One thing that is important in determining whether you need (oreven want) to get a sump for your home is whether your fish tank is an open orclosed system.