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Welcome to the freshwater aquarium fish guide where you can learn how to set up, keep, and maintain freshwater aquarium fish. Go at your own pace and if you have questions don't hesitate to visit the forum to ask a question. There are always lots of friendly members online to help out with your questions.

Rainbow Shark. Really cool freshwater fish, but I suggest only putting it in 20+ gallon tanks with semi-aggressive tank mates. Fishometer: 8

Local geographic range emerged as the only predictor of freshwater fish extinctions in Singapore. The other ecological and life‐history traits demonstrated limited utility in predicting extinctions despite offering plausible theoretical explanations and/or being identified as correlates of local extinction proneness in studies of freshwater fish elsewhere. For example, found that the smallest and largest fishes were at the greatest risk of extinction in the lower Colorado River basin and suggested that large‐bodied fishes are prone to extinctions because they have slow life histories and low maximum population growth rates, and are therefore intrinsically less resilient towards environmental change. It is however still unclear why extinction risk is higher for small‐bodied fishes. A possible reason is that small‐bodied fishes are likely to have lower dispersal ability () and, therefore, are restricted in its range and hence more likely to go extinct. However, we failed to find a correlation between body size and extinction status in our study.

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Buy your fishing license online now to enjoy New York's great freshwater fishing .. Estuaries are systems where marine and freshwaters interface. The largemouth bass is a freshwater predator commonly found in the oligohaline portions of estuaries in coastal North America. As a popular recreational sport fish in estuaries, largemouth bass are caught in large numbers, but large (≥2.3-kg) individuals are rarer than in inland (freshwater) systems. A pervasive factor affecting estuarine inhabitants is variation in salinity, which we hypothesized would represent a stress influencing largemouth bass performance. To test this, we sampled fish monthly (2002–2004) across an upstream–downstream gradient in the Mobile–Tensaw Delta of Alabama. Salinity remained negligible upstream but increased seasonally downstream. Catch per effort did not differ predictably across the upstream–downstream gradient, as would be expected if salinity influences abundance. Largemouth bass diets included more fish than invertebrates both upstream and downstream, but fish were more abundant in the diet upstream. Marine invertebrates remained an important diet component at all sites. Condition was generally high for all largemouth bass but was consistently greater downstream than upstream. Length at age 1 was greater downstream than upstream, but there were no differences for older fish. Few largemouth bass age-4 and older were present, and survival was generally low (

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Customers with a valid lifetime freshwater fishing license or a complimentary fishing license who wish to engage in saltwater recreational fishing must register each year in the Saltwater Registry through the Department of Marine Resources. There is no cost for the actual registration. However, a $1 agent fee applies if they register at DMR’s licensing office, and a $2 agent fee applies if they register online or through a DMR designated agent. Once registered, the person is legal to engage in saltwater recreational fishing for all legal species (including striped bass) for the calendar year.

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