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I have been breeding and raising discus fish for over 20 years. With the tremendous increase and domination of the internet we are seeing more brick and mortar stores closing and more online stores opening up. This includes pet shops – especially fish stores. Today you can find more discus fish for sale online that you can find local pet stores that sell them. This article will reveal all the myths associated with buying discus fish online.

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You are 45 from a major metro area, there should be plenty of quality local shops in your area... and I bet that at least one store orders from Quality Marine (a wholesaler which DrFS ships from). Fish availability is dependent on the collection and quality of the product. What are you trying to find? A good LFS can have their eyes on the wholesaler list for you and then order when a good specimen is available (and often the good LFS has a good phone relationship with the wholesaler too. You really are not going to find better stock that LA since Quality is perhaps the best and LFS match that or even best it by having a good quarantine system on hand when the shipment comes in. I find that many online vendors order from cheaper sources and then sell the product at a higher cost.

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World Wide Fish and Pets strives to be a place when buying tropical fish online feels no different, than visiting your local fish store. Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is delighted to offer you its improved and expanded electronic store! Browse an even larger offering of clothing, books, DVDs, and mugs. The added ease of shopping online means that you can complete all of your shopping from the comfort of home. Just think, no more lines; no more hassles!

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