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There’s nothing wrong with these tanks, and if you like the shape then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting one. However, if you have larger fish then I wouldn’t recommend this fish tank at all. You need considerable space for fish, and the great thing about the octagonal shape is that it creates more space than it seems like initially. Which is awesome for homeowners who have limited space in their homes!

6ft Acrylic Tall Column Tower Octagonal Aquarium Fish Tank with Accessories

This octagon fish tank is a genius way to accommodate a large amount of fish without taking up a huge amount of floor space. is a huge amount of capacity for any fish owner, and could easily hold several medium sized fish comfortably and safely. The octagonal base gives the tower sturdy support, making this tank a perfect solution for homeowners with limited space who are looking to get fish. This tank is also brilliant for people who are new to looking after fish, as it comes complete with a large amount of the equipment that you need to get started. Filters, lighting, plants and a pump are all included with the fish tank, helping newbies to get started with their new hobby (just add fish!). To find out more about this item, including sizes and price, click on the green button above.

Best Octagon Fish Tank for sale in Jefferson City, Missouri for 2017

30gl Octagon fish tank Hi, I have two fish tanks but Im selling one and you get the Octagon for FREE. I need money for schooling thats why Im selling them. I had them running for about 4 year . The wood stand is 100 safe never had a problem with it. its a 50 gallon and the other one is a 55 or 50, maybe more. I have so mu...

letgo - Octagon fish tank in Coburg, OR

Folks here is a 40 gallon Octagon glass fish tank on the original oak stand with storage underneth. It comes with everything pictured.. Light, pump, filter all work fine and fishy buildings . All you need to do is add the fish.. PERFECT condition.. First person that come sover will buy it.. We have it...

Octagon Fish Tank ( Furniture ) in Saint Paul, MN - OfferUp

A really important aspect of fish tanks that is often completely overlooked by owners is the shape. Many people assume that fish tanks are only available in a few different shapes (the classic rectangular or spherical shapes), but there are actually plenty of other shapes which are available, many of which we feature on our website. But if we had to only recommend one shape of fish tank, it would definitely be an octagon tank!So if you’re wanting a tank that will help to provide your fish with more privacy, then give an octagonal tank a shot. It could be the best decision you make!I have an octagon fish tank for sale, painted pink, standing a little under 5 feet tall, and can hold around 60 gallons Huge tank, its awesome Im moving and cant take it with me I have a few fish in there, but I can put them in another tank if you dont want them. I have the filter, extra filters, a he...Octagon fish tanks and aquariums can be more than a vessel for holding your beloved fish, they can be a stylish piece that compliment the look and feel of your room! But although many stylish and taller octagonal fish tanks tend to sacrifice safety for style, we’ve found a few tanks that both look great and are safe for your fish. These aquariums have plenty of capacity to hold plenty of water, and can easily accommodate several gallons of water. Plus, a few of them are available with too. So let’s get on with the list: