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Midwater trawlers vary in size—from small ships to large factory vessels. Large industrial ships pull gigantic nets through the open ocean and can catch an entire school of fish—spanning the size of five football fields—at once. These trawls don't impact the seafloor when used in the midwater zone. Setting these trawls on schooling fish using streamer lines to scare away seabirds and avoiding areas with an abundance of marine mammals can help ensure low levels of bycatch in midwater trawl fisheries.

Chumming is a common practice seen as effective by fishermen all over the world, typically in ocean waters.[]

The undersea world is on the move. is propelling fish and other ocean life into what used to be cooler waters, and researchers are scrambling to understand what effect that is having on their new neighborhoods. They are finding that the repercussions of the migration of tropical fish, in particular, are often devastating. Invading tropical species are stripping kelp forests in Japan, Australia, and the eastern Mediterranean and chowing down on sea grass in the northern Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic seaboard.

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They are ocean fish which regularly stray into coastal waters around the world And more changes are coming. Rising seas are reshaping coastlines. Natural low-oxygen zones in deep waters . Ocean acidification is making life harder for shellfish. Predicting the future is messy—especially when we barely understand the present.

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Despite their size, ocean sunfish are docile, and pose no threat to human divers. Injuries from sunfish are rare, although a slight danger exists from large sunfish leaping out of the water onto boats; in one instance, a sunfish landed on a 4-year-old boy when the fish leaped onto the boy's family's boat. Areas where they are commonly found are popular destinations for sport dives, and sunfish at some locations have reportedly become familiar with divers. The fish is more of a problem to boaters than to swimmers, as it can pose a hazard to watercraft due to its large size and weight. Collisions with sunfish are common in some parts of the world and can cause damage to the hull of a boat, or to the propellers of larger ships, as well as to the fish.

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