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The fate and fine tuning of the aquarium’s additional holdings in Baltimore: Besides its properties on Piers 3 and 4, the National Aquarium leases space in Fells Point that is used to house and care for animals not on exhibit in the Inner Harbor. It also controls 11 acres on the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River in south Baltimore. That land was to be the site of a $50 million Center for Aquatic Life and Conservation, a project that was put on hold after the 2008 recession.

Two bottlenose dolphins play at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

The problem boils down to how Great White Sharks thrive in the wild. There, they're able to roam bodies of water as they please, which allows them to breathe better than they would in confined spaces. Oh, and there aren't any giant glass walls around for them to crash into, too. Basically, the creatures are just not meant to survive in even the biggest tanks aquariums can build for them. For a more detailed explanation, check out the full video above. Oh, and try not to play the Jaws theme in your head the whole time.

Ever Wonder Why There Are No Great Whites In Aquariums?

Please note that shirts and shoes are required when visiting Mystic Aquarium. Now studies show more people outside organized groups are beginning to understand and share those concerns , including so called Millennials and Gen Y-ers who were born after the Baby Boomers and presumably represent the aquarium’s future constituency.

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Aquarium officials acknowledge that the study is underway but caution that it is too soon to say what their consultants might recommend. They note that even if a decision is made to stop exhibiting dolphins in Baltimore, it could be years before they actually leave the Inner Harbor.

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Aquarium keepers in Australia realized that this week, after a captive zebra shark () gave birth to three pups—without having had any contact with a male for years. (Zebra sharks are often called leopard sharks in Australia, but they are a different species from the leopard sharks found off the west coast of North America.)"We have seen this process, called parthenogenesis, in a number of shark species, particularly in aquaria," says , a shark expert with the Florida Museum of Natural History.Although this phenomenon of "virgin birth" is quite rare, it's not . Virgin births have been observed in other sharks in aquaria and in the wild. It has also been seen in other types of animals, from to invertebrates.Baltimore's National Aquarium is exploring seaside sites to create a new home for its eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Officials envision a first-of-its-kind protected, seaside habitat where the dolphins still would be cared for by humans. (Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun video)