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Nice and informative hub. I have had aquariums for many years, mostly community fresh water. I used to have great luck with marble angel fish..actually getting them to lay eggs and breed. But, I have to make a warning about have a plecostomus. Usually they are very small when you get them but the can grow to huge sizes. I had one in my 29 gallon and it when startled, like a light coming on, it went nuts. It broke several submerged heaters and snapped the plastic tubes to my Mag 300 canister filter and outside Whisper Filter. I had to get rid of it since it did so much damage. Glow fish are really nice have and always had a special fondness for cardinal and neon tetras. Oh, another caution is to not use snails. They breed like mad and your glass seems to be covered with eggs all the time. Great hub and SUPER photos of the fish!

Right now we have two other Synodontis Catfish, that are both very nice aquarium fish and are shown shown in the pictures just above.

They can grow to be almost 5" long, which is a nice size for lots of aquariums. Being filter feeders, they're harmless to fish, but Loaches, Pufferfish, and large fish may eat them.

Arowanas are not good aquarium fish

Maximum size: Grows to about 4
For many fish tank hobbyists, aquascaping can be one of the most enjoyable parts about setting up a fish tank. Decorating your aquarium can be quite fun, but coming up with a good aquascape is not just about making the tank look nice. You really should take into account the tank's future inhabitants when figuring out what you need to do. This is where you get to exercise both sides of your brain to try and come up with something that is not only nice to look at but something that is functional as well.

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The filter is the absolute heart of your aquarium. The filter is very much like the liver or the kidneys, it filters out all the horrible stuff and makes sure that your water is always nice and clean in order for your fish to stay healthy. It's very important that the filter you use is able to circulate the water quick enough in order to remove all those dangerous toxins that can easily kill fish. For instance, if your tank is 60 gallons, make sure that you are using a filter that is rated for more than 100 gallons. I think it's fair to say that we tend to go a little bit overboard when keeping Oscars. Oscars are messy, they produce a lot of waste so you need that extra filtration.

You will see all freshwater fish species in ..

I think it's nice to have a substrate in your aquarium. I've had both sand and gravel over the years, however sand is definitely my preference. Your fish store will probably stock various grades of sand and gravel that come in all different colours. However, if you just want a standard sand or gravel then the cheapest option is to go to your garden centre where they normally sell large bags of gravel or sand for about £10. Read my article on substrate. A lot of the information in the article can also apply to gravel as well.At the end of the day, the biggest expense will likely end up being the aquarium itself. This can be a troubling notion, but remember that we talked about planning out the budget before making any purchasing decisions previously. You should allocate a significant portion of your budget toward the fish tank itself. Glass tanks are a nice choice, but are typically heavier and more expensive. Coupled with the fact that they typically are only available in rectangular shapes, they may not be the perfect choice for everyone. Glass tanks are heavier than acrylic tanks, but can be cracked or broken, rendering them useless.