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Once you're ready to bring home your fish, float them in their plastic bag(s) on the top of the aquarium for about 30 minutes to allow them to become acclimated to the temperature of their new home before releasing them into the tank. Now, once you have your fish tank setup, all that's left is to enjoy, care for, and maintain your pet's new environment.

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New Fish Tank Setup and Tour.
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New fish tank setup - YouTube How does your budget compare to the cost of the equipment you willneed? Can you get a large enough foryour fish that will fit in the space available in your home? Youshould address both of these questions, and then evaluate your fishselection, your space constraints and your budget compared to the newinformation you now have. Can you spend more? Is it a little more or alot more? How close are you to fitting the appropriate fish tank intothe space available in your home? Is another location available inyour home? How committed are you to getting the fish you selected? Isone fish pushing your set-up into a different price bracket? Is thatfish even available in your area?

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This is my new temporary native fish tank setup. I have 15 sunfish currently in this 10 gallon tank. I know that's a lot but I'm looking into a 55 gallon tomorrow. All fish and plants in the native tank will be either native to New Jersey or North American waters, haven't decided yet. Hope you enjoy and remember to comment rate an subscribe.

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This site includes a of parts andequipment and their purpose, use, and maintenance as well as how to and yournew and new fish, as well as informationon . Ihave a set up for you to send me about your aquarium setup in casethe answers are not published here yet and a if you're trying tofigure out your tank volume. I have also added a page about my for providing thisinformation. Information is also available on and the crueltyinvolved in forretail sale, as well as some information on some I often getquestions about, and some information on and . Ofcourse, if you are , Isuggest you begin .Use Colonize by Dr. Foster and Smith - claims to colonize your water with the necessary bacteria needed to get the cycle going along with detoxifying ammonia so it doesn't harm the fish. To be used at the start of the tank setup and whenever you add new fish to your tank. It may now just be called "Live Nitrifying Bacteria" on their website.How to set up a new aquarium from choosing a tank to aquascaping that new aquarium.


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Happy Easter Everyone, and if you don't celebrate Easter, I still hope you are having a great one. It feels good to be breaking down the start to finish of an aquarium. This will be a low tech setup but I will be discussing how you could head other directions in the later videos of this three, perhaps 4 part series. One thing I didn't mention in this which I should have is that if you are getting a new aquarium setup, you should always fill it all the way up and both check of leaks and to help confirm it is level before moving forward, this is especially worth doing if you are buying the tank used from someone. (Though, if you are buying it used, you should have them fill it with water for you before you had them any cash.) Welcome to Dustin's Fish Tanks YouTube Channel. My channel is made for FISH TANK PEOPLE! I try to focus on Planted Aquariums, how to grow aquarium plants, dirt as the planted tank substrate and low light aquarium plants. Planted Tanks shouldn't be difficult. My goal is to make the planted aquarium hobby easy. "Planted Tanks Made Easy" Dustin's Fish Tanks. TANK ON!

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Fish Tank People Social Community Be prepared to spend some time every day to monitor the temperature and salinity levels on your newly setup marine aquarium. You will also need to spend some time once a month to clean your tank and change out some of the saltwater. Try to change 20% of the saltwater in a given month. This could work out to doing small 5% water changes once a week. Performing regular small water changes will reduce the nitrate levels, replenish elements that have been used up and skimmed off and keep your saltwater fish happy and healthy. Remember to never add freshly mixed saltwater to your aquarium because it is fairly caustic freshly mixed. Mix it up the day before you will be doing maintenance.