How the heck do you feed neon tetras????

If you want to obtain high-quality fry, it is important to only let high-quality adult fish breed. Old or unhealthy fish should not be bred. Place a pair of Neon Tetras in the breeding aquarium and feed them plenty of live food to induce spawning. Mosquito larvae are used by many professional breeders. Some breeders will let the nitrate level rise quite high in the breeding aquarium before they change at least 50 percent of the water since this sometimes induces spawning. The rapid decrease of soluble waste is a way of mimicking a fresh, replenishing rain. The breeding aquarium should be dark at first, and you can then gradually increase the lighting until the couple spawns. (Neon Tetra eggs are a bit light sensitive so it is important to limit the amount of light after spawning.)

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Neon Tetra disease is caused by a parasitic organism known as Pleistophora Hyphessobryconis that feeds on the host fish until the fish is dead. This is a communicable disease that is caused when fish eat other dead fish or even from eating live food servings such as those from . Live food can act as a carrier of the disease and also transmit it to your fish once they eat it.

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Hikari branded foods, for Neon Tetras, I would get 0.5mm pellets (small fish formula). As mentioned above, these is still no cure for Neon Tetra disease and trying to prevent the parasite from entering your aquarium in the first place is therefore the best course of action. The parasite is typically introduced via live food or newly purchased fish. By cultivating your own live food you will gain a greater control over what you put in your aquarium. Brine shrimp is for instance very easy and hassle-free to cultivate at home. When you purchase new fish, you should ideally keep them quarantined in a separate aquarium and look out for signs of illness. In the aquarium, fish often catch the disease when they eat dead fish. Removing sick and dead fish as soon as possible is therefore important. Some aquarists report that using a diatom filter decreases the risk of Neon Tetra disease, but it is only a supplement, not a substitute for the precautions described above. A diatom filter can reduce the amount of free parasites in the water.

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These fish are peaceful and non-aggressive by nature. They are social and gregarious animals and live and roam around in shoals of at least a hundred individuals in the group. If a neon tetra happens to toss out of its shoal, it becomes very stressed and spends most of its time hiding and refrain from consuming food, which might in turn make it gradually fall sick. These tetras can at times shoal with its close relative, the cardinal tetra. Neon tetras love to live in such regions under water, where there is plenty of hiding places. They are non-aggressive. However, they might at times bicker amongst themselves, but that doesn’t lead to anything more than torn fins.

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