GloFish Multi-Color Fluorescent Aquarium Gravel

In February, Yorktown introduced the Electric Green Tetra, a genetically modified black tetra fish. Like its zebra fish cousin, the GM tetra is a small freshwater fish that includes genetic material from a fluorescent coral that makes it neon-bright. Under a black light, it glows in the dark.

The fascinating GloFish has been genetically altered to give off a bright neon glow

GloFish pet products offer the perfect products to bring vibrancy, color and life to every aquarium environment. After developing the original fluorescent colored fish over a decade ago, GloFish has widened its product line to include aquarium tanks, gravel, glowing plants, ornaments and airstones, allowing aquarium hobbyists with a taste for the fantastic to turn their aquariums into majestic tanks of neon wonder!

GloFish neon products react with intensity to GloFish LED lights, resulting in brilliant displays of color and beauty. GloFish aquarium ornaments, imitation plants and airstones are made of quality ingredients and are suitable for fresh or saltwater aquatic environments. Simply switch on one of GloFishs blue LED light fixtures, and your aquarium will pop to life like youve never seen before!

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yesterday my purple neon glow fish had a big belly now it look flat did she already lay her eggs Want to add some pizazz to your aquarium? A Taiwanese scientist has devised a way to make otherwise colorless fish glow neon green in the dark. Professor H.J. Tsai at National Taiwan University works this biological magic by injecting a protein extracted from jellyfish into the fertilized eggs of rice fish. He also uses a protein from coral to make fish glow a vibrant reddish pink. Opponents of genetic engineering fear that these creatures could crossbreed with wild species, creating glowing schools of Frankenfish. To keep them from spreading their shining DNA, the distributor, Taikong International, sterilizes them all.

GloFish Black Multi-Color Lagoon Aquarium Gravel.

Glow Elements Neon Green Turtle Egg - 6.5 in. x 4.25 in. x 4 in. | The Glow Elements Green Turtle Egg is a unique ornament that emits an illuminated neon glow when placed under blue light. Fun design includes a large sea turtle inside two halves of a cracked egg, sitting atop a reef and surrounded by several types of corals and shells. A great addition to your aquarium decor, it can also serve as a hiding spot for smaller fish.

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