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Join Goldie, an average household goldfish, and her fishy friends as they party down at Nat Geo Wild’s Fish Bowl. Step inside a world where something exciting lurks around every corner (if you can find one). There's feeding time! And cleaning time! And halftime! There will be cats and kids and more! We know people will wait with bated breath to see what happens next.

Join Joe Duck and Koi Aikman as they prepare for Fish Bowl IV, February 5th on Nat Geo Wild.

Two titans of the tank, one underwater field. Destiny floats before them like a lazy jellyfish. This is Fish Bowl IV: LA Clams versus the Buffalo Gills. EXCLUSIVELY on Nat Geo WILD.

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Nat Geo WILD's "Fish Bowl IV": Are You Ready for the Biggest Night in Aquatic Sports History?! On Friday, the Nat Geo Wild network said it has an idea that will make the Christmastime "Yule Log" broadcast look like exciting TV. "Fish Bowl," airing from 6 to 10 p.m. EST on Super Bowl Sunday, will show goldfish swimming around a bowl.

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1. Fish Bowl on Nat Geo Wild. Honestly, I was surprised at how enjoyable I found Nat Geo Wild’s first installment of the “Fish Bowl” — which, as its name implies, was four hours of various goldfish swimming in a bowl. Being more of a cat and (especially) dog lover, and having not had a fish as a pet in over 30 years, I was skeptical that this special could hold my interest. But I was into it almost from the start. The main appeal about Fish Bowl to me was that it got back to the basics that the Puppy Bowl once had — an ambient, almost hypnotic at times, feel to it that put the focus on the animals, as well as background music and sounds. There was very little talking, or people at all (aside from two kids who featured prominently at various times). Humans were generally restricted to arms and hands popping in-and-out of the frame, doing everything from putting the fish into the bowl and taking them out, to opening a pizza box on the table next to the fish. In what were perhaps nods to its competition, Fish Bowl even found ways of incorporating a puppy and some kitties into its action. Fish Bowl resembled the legendary Yule Log, in a way; something you could just as easily get into watching attentively, as having on as background ambiance. I liked the creative way producers were able to change things up, whether it was the number and types of goldfish, the music selection and the various scenarios. These scenarios started normally enough, with just one fish — “Goldie” — in her tank. But as the night wore on, scenes took delightfully unusual turns, including near the end, when the fish bowl found itself surrounded by those little green Army men (with some even parachuting into the bowl), accompanied by background sounds of a war movie. Some of the scenes were related to the sounds of what seemed to be a TV in the other room, which often was tuned to a football game, naturally. Also refreshing about Fish Bowl was the lack of in-show advertising (there were commercial breaks), and a more subtle approach by Nat Geo Wild to cross-promote with other network programs. Now, that could all certainly change if Fish Bowl is a hit and comes back in future years (like what happened with Puppy Bowl), and maybe it was just refreshing to see the novelty of something new in this genre, but for now the event was a pleasant and welcome surprise to flip back and forth to during the evening.

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