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I’ve had 3 past betta fish. My first was a beautiful light red betta (almost a little pink) named Blaze. Sadley he died over the first night I had him. Boo hoo! My second was a red betta named Buddy. (not a very interesting name, I know)I had him for about 2 and a half years. My third was my first female betta. I had the hardest time picking out just the right name for her. After looking at names online I chose Adara! It means “beautiful” in greek! She died after three months. I’m not too sure why though. That was about a month ago.

Looking for female pet fish names? We can help! Check out our selection of male and female pet fish names and funny pet fish names.

Some popular female fish names include Angel, Bubbles and Dory. Funny female fish names include Sushi, Wanda, Salt and Kraken. Hippo and Hydra are ironic names for a female fish. Flotsam and Jetsam are good names for both male and female fish. Common types of fish such as the Blobfish, Ladyfish, Medusafish and Barb can also be used as fish names.

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Of course, before selecting names for betta fish, it's important do determine if you have a male or a female betta fish as well as the specific type of betta fish. A number of species of bichirs show up in the aquarium trade under a number of names, including dinosaur eels, dragon eels and dragon fish. Their multiple common names comes from the reptilian and snakelike appearance of these fish, as well as the fact that they have not changed much in millions of years. Of the various dragon fish, these probably have the most straightforward and obvious difference between the sexes: Males have thicker anal fins than females. The anal fin is the unpaired fin on the underside of the fish.

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For your lady betta fish a girl name might be just right, but not just any popular female name, it should be a name that is somehow suited to your little betta. Here are the girl names that seem to be most popular among betta keepers.

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The best way to find great, cute, unique, unusual, cool, funny fish names for your new bird. There are lots of female fish names and male fish names you have to choose from. Below is a list for you to start with ordered alphabetically. We hope you will find just the right female fish name or male fish name for your pet. Great for choosing a fish name for your new female or male fish.