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Once you establish your operation, feeding your koi is the most expensive part of your business. You can’t skimp on the food, because growing, healthy fish are the key to your profitability. Fish food with about 40 percent protein from zooplanktons works best for young koi. Your fish will require less protein as they get older. During colder months, as the water temperature of your pond drops, koi require less food, helping to keep expenses in check.

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The short answer is most likely…but not necessarily all of them. Fry are often dark as its a natural way of not being seen (blending in with dark surroundings) at a vulnerable age/size. Koi with colors that are desired by breeders usually make up a small % of the fry and are selected for out of a batch so two parents that have extraordinary coloration aren’t necessarily producing a whole batch of babies with extraordinary colors. Other factors play a part too like nutrition. There are expensive foods out there that are formulated for those that want to really light their fish’s colors up. Good luck and make sure your goldfish (if you have them) don’t eat the fry!

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Most expensive Koi Fish | chris and i saw the most expensive fish in the entire world expensive ... According to Richard Tan, president of the Singapore Koi Club and chairman of the organising committee for the First Asia Cup Koi Show in May 2008, the most expensive koi ever sold went to Japanese companies in the booming 1980s for about 50 million to 100 million yen apiece, or $500,000 to $1,000,000. If adjusted for inflation, 25+ years later, this is equivalent to paying in excess of $2.2 million in today's dollars for one exceptional fish.

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The koi fishes can survive for several years, usually up to 35 years and more when domesticated. The longevity record of the koi is found in Japan, one of them there has exceeded 215 years. This number was confirmed when scientist ran some analysis on it. Talking about their size, they have the propensity to grow up to 90cm or more in length when all goes well for them. The smaller sizes of these fishes can be purchased cheaply but as the size increases, so the price soars geometrically too. For the koi fish to grow and flourish, much care and attention need to be given to them. Therefore, it takes lots of work for them to get to their large admirable sizes.
This effort can be as rewarding as gorgeous species is sold for up to $500,000 and above. Though, the most expensive koi fish purchase ever made for this beautiful koi carp was over $2 million.

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