LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

Welcome to the Aquarium T-5 HO Light Fixtures superstore! High output T5 fluorescent aquarium lighting bulbs draw more power than regular fluorescent bulbs, but produce far stronger and clearer light with moderate heat. T5 HO fixtures are ideal for small-to-medium aquarium setups, especially with live plants or reef components, as they encourage strong and vibrant photosynthetic growth and activity. Our selection of T5 HO fixtures have designs made to fit your tank and get your aquarium looking great today!

Pet Mountain's Aquarium T-5 HO Light Fixtures store features top quality products from Coralife, one of the most trusted names in aquarium lighting and fixtures. The is a light fixture for saltwater aquariums. The streamlined fixture design wonderfully displays your live plants and fish with brilliant lighting. This compact fixture takes up very little space and allows for easy access to the lamps. Features an on/off switch and built-in ballast, adjustable width tank mounts and comes with one 14W 10,000k lamp and one 14W True Actinic 03 that's perfect for saltwater and reef aquariums.

The perfect saltwater, reef and planted tanks, and it comes complete with two high output lamps. Each high output lamp can provide approximately twice the light output of a traditional T8 lamp making these fixtures a great choice for saltwater aquariums and aquariums with live plants.

come with four high output T5 lamps as well as directional LED moonlights. This makes these fixtures ideal for saltwater and reef tanks. The directional LEDs can be positioned to add a shimmering moonlight accent over a specific area in your tank or the LEDs can be set to provide a more even distribution of moonlight.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

If a fish swims in the dark and no one can see it, is it really swimming? Well, yes, but why wouldn't you want the best light possible to see your fish swim in their aquarium -- day or night? That's where these LED light fixtures come in to play.

We feature the best selection of Aquarium LED Light Fixutres and Systems you simply won't find at your local pet store, all at our discounted rates of up to 70% off.

Enjoy the quality selection of LED lighting options by choosing from from our trusted brands such as , , , and .

One of the finest products we offer is . This lighting system features a double row of 6k LED Daylight bulbs and a single row of 60mw Blue LED's. These energy efficient bulbs provide a higher output than fluorescent bulbs and use less energy. By mimicking the underwater effect of sunlight and replicating lunar light in nighttime mode, this LED lighting system offers a great lighting solution for fish only marine tanks or freshwater low light planted tanks.

A great cost effective solution for LED lunar lighting is . These LED moonlights cast a moon glow over your aquarium and consumes less than 1 watt of power. This energy efficient light also stimulates spawning and acts as a great nighttime light for your aquarium.

is a versatile light that serves as both a daytime and nighttime light. With 42 white LED's, this bright shining fixture is also energy efficient and comes with rubber bumpers to minimize slippage on the canopy.

are another long-lasting LED lighting option that come in multiple colors to pick just the right ambiance for your little fishies.

are another sunlight replicating LED fixture that's both bright and efficient. The easy to install lighting system is also 100% water resistant.

If you're looking to light a reef aquarium, Marineland offers a unique fixture. This updated system offers twice as many LED's as their previous double bright lighting option. Equipped with an easy three-mode switch for all on, all off or lunar lights, this LED system is incredibly easy to use -- and effective.

No matter the size or style of your aquarium, there's an LED lighting system available for you at Pet Mountain -- all at our low-price guarantee.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp Wow, thanks for being thorough in your reply. I think your right about the moonlight encouraging breeding behavior. I know it does with many animal species. I wonder how much we alter the natural behavior through artifical lighting. Most tanks don't have natural graduated light like in nature. Being a fisherman I know many fish feed mostly in the morning and evenings. A lot of this has to do with the insect hatch, but it has to be a natural reponse to light as well.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

The benefits of using LED lights are many. They take less energy to run, in fact quite a bit less. LED aquarium lighting uses up to 80% less electricity than other aquarium lights. They also do not generate the heat that fluorescent light bulbs do. Another very popular plus is the fact that they last far longer than .

LED lights can be dimmed, and programmed, allowing for a natural dimming at sunset and the reverse at sunrise. This is particularly good for nocturnal fish, as a dim blue light can be left on the tank to simulate moonlight, and allow for feeding and viewing purposes. Last, but not least, they come in a variety of colors, which can be used to accent the tank in interesting ways.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp