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Although moonlight appears white or silvery, use of LEDs producing blue light to simulate moonlight is, at least for some coral species, correct based to peer-reviewed evidence. Use of LEDs producing white light is likely to be OK as well, since these diodes are essentially blue LEDs doped with phosphors that fluoresce longer wavelengths. However, the light intensity of the light produced by even a single blue LED has the potential to be brighter than natural moonlight measured here in Hawaii. Light penetration in aquaria, with their usually shallow (and hopefully clear!) waters, should not be an issue, so using LEDs with a maximum wavelength of 450 or 460nm may actually be an advantage due to their lower output at 480nm.

LED Moonlight for a 20G Planted Aquarium. SD Quality Video

Moonlight in the ocean is believed to be as significant as the time spent in full daylight. Moonlight triggers various internal and external biological activities among the many thousands of reef organisms. Moonlight LEDs for your aquarium emulate that cycle and as a bonus help you to observe your tank in the nighttime hours without disturbing our startling your fish and other creatures.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp I just finished a DIY moonlight effect for my small aquarium. I just have a small 10 gal. aquarium with about 13 neon tetras and a striped catfish. This was more of a test to see how it would turn out. The results are awesome. I too found the best quality, low cost, high intensity LED lights at an auto parts store. They are singles, with a resistor already wired into them and was in a pack of 3 LED's. I went to radio shack and bought a 12V AC to DC adaptor and also the jack for the adaptor to plug into. I also installed a switch. Wiring them was not hard at all. The time consuming part was just waiting for the soldering iron to warm up. The procedure worked out fantastic and I can now see my catfish is very active nocturnally and the neons appear to be attracted to the 'moonlit' areas. If you want a detailed procedure with pictures of each step and the products I used feel free to send me an email.

LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

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LED Aquarium Moonlight Fish Tank LED Waterproof Lights Lamp

Even without the ability to phase a moonlight phase via a lunar calendar, with the aid of a solar calendar controller, an aquarium keeper can run their aquarium LED lights anywhere from 100% to 0%. As well these percentages can be slowly ramped up and down to create varying amounts of sun light.A brief overview of the Aquarium Moonlight LED Aquarium Lunar Lights from Current USA. These linkable lights are efficient on energy and illuminate the darkest aquariums. Buy them at now! Subscribe for more videos and follow us on Twitter @bigals_pets for discount codes!