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Minnows in a pond will have access to algae, insects and bugs but you still need to feed them too. They may not be able to get enough food naturally and you don’t want them starving to death. When you take care of minnows correctly, they will grow and multiply providing you with plenty of minnows to take along on all of your fishing trips.

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I have enjoyed white clods for years. Originally I had a 10 gallon tank that was well planted with live plants and had only white clouds and cat fish. Everyone got along fine, spawns happened periodically and enough lived with no special care to keep the population stable. The fish moved from Minnesota to Louisiana to Texas and eventually Colorado.

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White Cloud Mountain Minnows? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care Goldfish are probably the most popular subtropical fish kept in aquariums. Unfortunately this often results in bad care, as common goldfish are actually only suitable for ponds and fancy goldfish require a lot of care. Although they occur in many different interesting varieties, have great personalities and can be kept in unheated tanks (preferably between 62-71 °F/17-22 °C), getting into fancy goldfish keeping is not something to take lightly. These fish grow very large and need at least 20 gallons (75L, preferably more) per fish, with a minimum of two fish. Filtration should be very heavy and weekly large water changes are required.

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I was surprised not to see the white cloud minnow here as best beginner fish. They are so hardy, they will forgive a range of temperatures, tank sizes and water parameters, they school well but are full of individual personality and they will eat anything. When they are well cared-for, the males will display spectacular colours.

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