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This is the other very common colored-water question. Usually, the water is white and milky. Whenever we hear this, the next question will always be “How long has this tank been set up with fish?” or “Have you restarted this tank lately (removed more than a third to a half of the water)?” A milky white cloudy water color to the water is a sign of a bacteria bloom which usually happens during the of a new tank or if a tank is becoming reestablished after a large water change, medication cycle or other event. This cloudiness will usually clear up on its own; try to resist the urge to do water changes since this will only make the Cycle last longer and take longer for the bacteria population that needs to grow to take care of this on its own. You can test the water during this time to make sure everything else is normal, keeping in mind that while a tank is Cycling, you may see spikes in Ammonia and Nitrite.

Jun 18, 2012 - Cloudy or milky water is common during this process, but it usually does not show up until fairly late in the cycle. If your tank has only had fish in it for a couple of weeks, or if it is new and has had a lot of fish in it for a few days, then this is the most likely cause of the cloudiness you are experiencing.

To answer your questions. Its kind of a milky white. Fish get a pinch of food in the morning and i crumble some tubifex worm cube in the evening for them. They eat all the food. Plus the plecostamus gets an algae tablet in the evening(which he devours). The fish have been getting this much food for as long as I had them. Had them in a 20 gallon for 2 years prior to getting the 30. Water changes are about 10%.
tank consists of 6 neon tetras, 2 black tetras, 2 dwarf gouramis and a plecostamus. My other 30 consists of similar fish and its crystal clear. Both tanks are in the same area of my house. Within about 5 feet of each other.
Water has been tested and everything looks fine. I tested it and also took a sample to two different fish supply stores hopeing someone could figure out the mystery. Water in cloudy tank srems to clear up after a water change, but the next day its cloudy again.

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Oct 25, 2013 - Most organic waste introduced into the fish tank is from fish food I have inherited a 120 gallon fresh water fish tank which traveled from AZ to CA. 45 fish took the five hour trip to CA. I used tap water with declorinator and conditioner. I did 10-20% water changes weekly and the tank was crystal clear for months. Two weeks ago I did a large water change 50% and cleaned my filters. I have had milky cloudy water for two weeks. I have tested my water (NO3, NO2, pH, KH and GH. All my levels are right in range. Again the water is still cloudy. I have been told to be patient but I think two weeks is a long time and its not getting better. Any thoughts? Would a bacteria supplement work? If so can I put it directly into the tank or should I do it during a water change? Thank you for any help you can give me! Garrett

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If the cloudiness persists, it is likely caused by bacteria growing at rates that turn the aquarium water milky white. This kind of fast bacteria growth is usually the result of excessive organic waste within the fish tank.

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When you first your tank, yourtank has to so the elements of the are ready to handle the waste producedby the fish. Cloudy or milky water is common during this process, butit usually does not show up until fairly late in the .hi okay normally I don't waste my time writing on these but I stumbled upon this and was AMAZED at the wrong things I am reading, first of all fish like plants it creates an Eco system secondly, your tank of getting white after water changes because your bio is spiking, taking all of the water out is the WORST thing you could do to the person who suggested this really has no place giving any advice, when water gets milky white it's a showing that your biological bacteria is unbalanced and is spawning to try and create a new balance you are either replacing yor water with chlorinated water when doing a water change or maybe your cleaning the front with windex but either way your killing the bio somehow the tank is trying to fix its self. When adding water after a small water change because too much is bad, be sure to de chlorinate BEFORE you put the water in not after. Many people buy the tap conditioner and don't realise if you add it to the water after you put it in the tank you just wasted your time and money. And also next time your water is white test your nitrites chances are after a minute or so you'll have a pretty purple color, you want light blue. Try leaving the tank alone when it gets milky white or add a product like prime. I have worked in aquarium care for over 6 years so I am not just talking from no real experience.